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Clomid BFP 10dpo!! God is Good.

It has been a long time waiting to write this story. It's a crazy one, but bear with me and I'll get to the good stuff :) DH is 36 I'm 32. We've been together for 9 years and married for 5. We've always NTNP. After getting married, we decided to begin "trying". After a year of "trying" I went to my OB/GYN and asked him for help. My cycles are very regular, so we had DH SA (great) and then there was me. HSG test = all clear. On to Clomid. Now, around this time, someone prayed over me and told me I'd have not one but TWO children. I dreamed of being very early in my pregnancy, almost to the point that noone believed me. A doctor was hooking me up to machines and then I woke up. First round of Clomid=BFP. Around 7.5 weeks, I started spotting. I went to get an ultrasound at 8 weeks, no heartbeat. It was my dream. I was heartbroken. I was upset and angry with God for taking this away. I needed some time to recooperate, so I took a long year off and did some soul searching. I prayed more than I've ever prayed and seeked God with my whole heart. During that year, my sister who is very prophetic, told me I would be pregnant at the age of 32. That was two years away!! I continued to have faith anyway. In October of 2014, I had another dream. I dreamed that I was early pregnant again, and that a blonde lady told me " I know how to fix this." Fast forward to 33 weeks pregnant and I woke up. I knew it was time for us to try again. So, I took my last prescription of Clomid in December. NOTHING. In May, I went back to my OB/GYN and he started me back on Clomid 50 mg for three cycles. NOTHING. I didn't understand. Why was this not working? I prayed for healing. In September at my three month checkup, my OB/GYN decided not to move me up to 100 mg (for the fear of multiples because I technically ovulate on my own) and had me do three more cycles of 50 mg. And then he would move me up to 100mg if that didn't work. I was furious and so upset!! That night, I prayed and I cried out to God, "When?? When will this happen Father, I can't wait anymore!" He replied, "February". After lots of prayer, I decided to call a Fertility Clinic and seek more help. On the day of my first appointment, my insurance had issues and I had to cancel. So, I decided to continue the Clomid. Now, I have some co-workers that were seeing this Homeopathic/Spiritual Healing Doctor. I was curious. After lots of prayer, I felt I had to go. Here's where my story REALLY gets interesting. As I sat down with Barry, he asked me what was on my mind. I replied "well, infertility". He asked me how old DH and I were, our names, and if I'd ever been pregnant and what had happened. I told him of my loss at 8 weeks. He stared off for what seemed like an eternity before he finally said "Ok, your husband has stomach parasites. We can fix that easily and really clean up his sperm." Then to me he says "Now, I'm going to tell you something that is very scary, but I don't want you to be scared because we can fix this, ok?" I said "Ok....?" He says "You have two bloodclots that are very close to your heart, probably had them for 10 plus years, like 17 or 18 years old. Did you have dental work or braces at that age?" My heart sunk...."Yes" I replied. "I had a root canal at 17". He says "That's when they formed. They're causing your body to work too hard, thus preventing pregnancy from sticking. You're also highly anemic." I was so stunned at this point. Not only had DH NOT even been there at all, but he had told me that something was wrong with his stomach? DH had a colonoscopy two years ago and they couldn't find anything wrong!! Anemia? I give blood and my iron is always borderline. The Red Cross also had just recently called to ask if I would donate platelets because my count was so HIGH! I was just blown away. He then says " Now get this done, I see twins". I'm like "Excuse Me??????" So, I had two months of vitamins/herbs and iron (blackstrap molasses ewww) to get started on. After two weeks, I felt like a new person! I had energy, I could breathe better! It gets better....... My OB/GYN is a guy, and while I'm sitting at Barry's store, I get a text that said he would be on extended medical leave until mid January! So, I wait until December (knowing that I'm supposed to get bumped up to 100 mg Clomid in January) and I ask what I'm supposed to do. The nurse calls me back and says "We're sticking you with Dr. so and so and they want you monitored, so day 21 progesterone test, day 28 ultrasound and then we will bump you to 100 mg." No lie, I hung up the phone, googled this new Dr. and my jaw hit the floor. SHE was BLONDE. What are the odds? My dream is coming to pass!!!!! So, my December cycle, I get my progesterone back at a 34! Woo hoo! Great ovulation. I was completely finished with my medicine and I just knew that this was our month. I ended up ovulating later than expected (cd 16 or 17) but my nurse had me come in and get my progesterone done anyway so at 3-4dpo she calls me and shockingly says "Well, um, your progesterone is a 43???" I knew something was up. This month I prayed harder than I've ever prayed, I declared that I was pregnant and I MEANT IT!!! And lo and behold, my Father in Heaven is FAITHFUL AND TRUE to his promises. I took a Clearblue at 10dpo FMu= the faintest like is it or isn't it line? So, I grabbed some FRER and peed again without holding. I was busy at work so after a few hours I went back and looked. Sure enough a super faint pink line! My test in the afternoon was more obvious! Ok, so now to the symptoms and other numbers and such! Clomid 100 mg days 5-9 cd 5-9: I was so miserably tired I thought I wasn't going to survive this cycle cd 10-15: started getting my energy back, but my OPK isn't positive yet??BD days 14, 15, 16, 17 cd 16: Finally! EWCM and positive OPK at 1 pm. Also left side ovary cramping around noon! BD ovulation?? cd 17: BD temp goes up a little 1dpo: temp is up! 97.9 Lot of bowel movements, Started eating pineapple core, Super sleepy through the afternoon, bloated 2dpo: bbt:97.9 Creamy cm, pineapple core, Lots of energy! Less bloated, frequent urination 3dpo: bbt:97.9 creamy cm, pineapple core, headache, energy very up and down, Progesterone test today=43! Went back to see Barry(said I had three kidney stones in my left kidney started vitamins to dissolve 4dpo: bbt:97.5 dip? creamy cm, pinapple core, terrible Migraine, Extremely loopy & heavy eyelids from noon to bedtime. Pizza tasted so good!! 5dpo: bbt:97.9 creamy cm, pineapple core, Eyelids are so heavy, Lost 2 pounds of water weight. Fatigue, increased appetite 6dpo: bbt:98.1 creamy cm, Woke up sweating, vivid dreams, very busy day, tired. Felt so loopy, but blissful at nighttime. Crampy stabbing pains on my left side at night, bloated, lost my appetite, gassy, one pimple on my chin (I never get acne) 7dpo: bbt:98 Heavy/full bbs but not sore. Falling asleep at 8-9 pm and wide awake at 4 am. Mild heartburn. Frequent urination. Night sweat again. 8dpo: bbt:98.1 Creamy cm, bloated, heartburn, high energy, woke at 4 am again! SUPER irritable today, like I could bite someone's head off at any moment. Hot flashes/ cold chills. implantation? Sore bbs (thought I was out here bc I always get sore bbs around this time) Very regular bowel movements. Cervix is super high and very firm. Anxious. Stomach started growling at 5:30 pm. Weird. 9dpo: bbt 98.1 dry cm. BBS/ Nipples sore today. Woke up to diarrhea. Clearblue faint faint FMU. FRER very faint at 9 am. FRER faint at 4 pm! Anxious, skin is glowing today, hair feels pretty. 10dpo: Awake at 3:30 am! bbt :98.4! Stomach was turning and almost crampy all night last night. FRER a little dark this am. I hope this story brings you hope and restores your faith. It couldn't have happened without praying and believing. I will update if we are having twins or not! (Oh and my sister pointed out to me that yesterday when I got my BFP it was 2-2-Tuesday. Hmmmm......I wonder if it's a sign? We shall see :)


Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 mos.

Lovely story.. God is good all the time. Congratulations to you. Yes let us know 

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