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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Clomid + Pre-Seed + Low Sperm Count

Me: Not ovulating
DH: <1% morphology

After 3 months of trying when we visited the doc, she said that it was highly unlikely we would be able to conceive naturally. Not only was I not ovulating, but husband had a low count with bad morphology. Just when we were preparing for ivf we went in for a second opinion. Doctor said it might be worth trying to take Clomid for 3-4 months. Without much hope we started on 50mg Clomid... Also used Pre-Seed. Again, contrary to what the doctor said, I ovulated on cd12!! I was charting so I knew.

Much out of habit I poas at 13dpo and threw it aside! And to my surprise, a moderately dark line was starting back at me... :-)

The only symptom I had was sore breasts starting 8dpo... All other cycles when I thought I was pregnant I used to gabber mid cycle bleeding, headaches, nausea, sure breasts, increased cm, etc..., but this month took us by surprise!

Thought I would shared my story.. Good luck ladies!


Congratulations. Great story. I've been ttc for 10 months with PCOS (ovulate about 3 times a year) and start clomid next month after i have ovarian drilling. Hopefully i get the same result as you...hard to stay positive but i just have to. Yay for you!

Hi, wonderful hearing your story congratulations. My husband has low sperm count, morphology and mobility. We were told we would need IVF we are both 25 and healthy. I was given clomid for next cycle to help with long cycles. We are going to do the IVF but grey hearing you concieve in your own. We were told 2-5% chance of being pregnant on our own. How low were your semen analysis of you don'tond me asking. Havin hope! Thanks :)

That is great! congratulations! We have been trying for 2 years now and found out back in April that he had a low count (7 million), but 90% morphology and 100% motility....and I wasnt ovulating. So I am currently on my 4th round of clomid at 50 mg, and am in my 2ww. What were your semen analysis results? Im always looking for some kind of hope.:)

Sure, happy to share our semen analysis:

Volume: 2ml with 50 mn sperms
But 40% motility, less than 1% normal sperms (morphology) and with moderate speed. Apparently, you need at least 4% normal sperms.

One more thing that we did 2 months prior to Clomid: husband stopped rigorous sports activities such as cycling, gymming, sunbathing. Loose boxers, no laptops on the lap, and only cold water baths. Maybe that helped us increase our count. We never went for a 2nd semen analysis.

I am 33 years old, and this would be our first child.

Heather, if you compare absolutes, our husbands have similar counts. And if you are young, like 25 years old, I think you should consider trying naturally for a few months.

Good luck to you all!

Thanks for sharing that! I am 36 years old, so not much time there. Wish I was younger:)...But this all still gives me some hope now anyways. We are on our 5th round of clomid now. Hoping it works.


My husband is 20yrs old and he had an SA which came back as him having low sperm count (27mil) low motility (40%) and low morphology (60%). All of my hormone tests came back great. Is it possible for me to get pregnant with everything being low? We have been trying for over a yr now and he just started Fertilaid for men to boost everything.

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