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Couldn't believe it!

I've been actively trying to conceive since September 2013. I have PCOS and I started with clomid and timed intercourse. Then I did clomid and IUI's. Finally I tried Femara and IUI and of the five IUI's I had, this last one was the worst. I did lose 40 lbs in 7 months which helped with a number of things. Things that went wrong during my last IUI: 1. Positive OPK a day early. I ovulated early so we could only see the collapsing follicles on u/s. No idea on size or how many I made. 2. The u/s was painful because they had a hard time seeing my left ovary and were really pushing around in there. 2. After wash, I stripped down and prepped for insemination. Results of sperm wash given to me at that time I was on the table. DH sperm results were the worst with only 20% of the 6 million sperm post-wash being designated "A" quality. Last cycle we had 340 million. I was crying on the table and asking if I should even bother. Nurses told me I might as well. Cried through the procedure from frustration. I told the nurses how tired I was. 3. Then I was very sensitive and they had a hard time inserting the speculum and had to use the largest one. Felt everything. I left that day thinking, "Eff, this!" I just knew I WASNT getting pregnant after that debacle. I traveled, consumed alcohol, ate cake and braced myself for the next cycle. Then 15 DPO my breasts got tender and I thought, "Here we go, AF is coming..." Then 16 DPO my nips were super sensitive. I thought, "It can't be." Had a glass of Prosecco and some oysters for lunch and didn't think of it again. That night I was feeling more tender and so I was decided to test and get it out of the way. I swear when I saw a faint line indicating BFP, I called my husband over and asked him if he saw what I saw. Had a Beta the next day and confirmed BFP. Neither of us could explain it or believed it! I am now 21 DPO and my HCG numbers are doubling properly (16 DPO: 358; 18DPO:684; 20 DPO: 1081). I have to say even now it is hard for me to feel like something bad isn't going to happen. How could such a mess turn out right? I am staying optimistic and living for today. I'm hoping for a sticky baby. I have my first u/s on June 15, 2015 at 6w3d and hope all is well. Pregnancy after infertility can be hard because it feels like a live birth is the true success. Stay strong and hope for the best. This is my first and I hope it all works out - wish me well. In the meantime, good luck to you all!



Thank you FurbabyMomma!

Your story gives me hope...thanks for sharing it! H&H 9 months!

wow, goes to show It only takes one. Well done on the weight loss also. H&H 9 months to you :)

Your story is exactly what I needed to read today after undergoing my own disastrous weekend of disappointing ultrasounds and a very painful IUI. I broke down crying on the table, too. I'm going to keep you in mind during my TWW. And sticky dust to you!

Happy to have shared, C-Dub! Thank you, WalkinthePark! Wishing you all the best. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Demeter!

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