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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Crazy 24 hours! Don't Count Yourself Out 'Til You're Out!

Hi! My husband and I are 28, and we decided March 2015 that we'd like to give TTC a shot! I had my non-hormonal IUD removed in April, and we were off to the races! I didn't use ovulation test or take my temperature for the first several months because I hoped to get pregnant pretty quickly. In August, I began using the 50 pack of Wondfo ovulation tests, and I blew through all of them by early October with only ONE positive during that time. My cycles were long, and I wasn't getting pregnant. My average cycle length was 43 days! I had a normal period beginning on September 15th. I tried wishful thinking for the month--I kept telling myself I would have a normal 28-day cycle (I've been tracking my periods for years, and I usually have one or two 28-day cycles a year. The rest range from 35-50 days). I even got a nearly positive ovulation test on October 6th (CD21), and my husband and I BD'd every day for 5 days straight. After that, we went back to our every other day schedule. THUS, my two week wait was more like FIVE weeks. We waited until CD37 to take a pregnancy test. Negative. I had noticed some EWCM around CD29, so I held onto hope that maybe I hadn't ovulated on CD21, and I might still be pregnant. I took another pregnancy test on CD46 and CD48. Negatives. I thought that I must not have ovulated. I'd had enough, so I made an appointment with my OB/GYN to see if I could get something to make me ovulate in the future. I was on CD51 yesterday when I went in for my appointment. The doctor was very reassuring and told me that these sort of issues are common, and that he was glad I'd come in to see him, even though it hadn't been a year of trying yet. He ordered some blood tests for the typical things: LH, FSH, thyroid, Prolactin, DHEA, Estadiol... He also prescribed Provera (a progesterone tablet) to make me start my period. As I checked out at the front, I asked the lady about the urine sample I had given and she confirmed that the pregnancy test was negative. Right as I got home, the doctor called me! "Your pregnancy test was negative but I thought it looked like there may be an evap line so I had the tech do a second pregnancy test from your sample. The results just came back and there may be a faint line. We're going to do a blood test from your blood sample to rule out pregnancy. I'll call you with the results tonight or tomorrow morning." I had just picked up the Provera prescription, but thankfully hadn't taken any! My husband was in an interview for a fellowship, so I couldn't call him. I had to wait until he was back home and was done talking about his interview day to share my news! I will never forget the look on his face! We took a couple of Wondfo pregnancy tests that afternoon, and sure enough, we had a couple of squinters!! The doctor called me this morning to tell me congratulations! My HCG is only 36 so he thinks I am super early! I'm going back in on Monday to confirm that my HCG is rising. Based on the HCG and other details, we think I ovulated on CD39. I'll use that date for purposes of the symptoms I list below: CD1-35: Not much CM CD36: BFN CD36-38: CM ranging from EWCM to watery. I thought this was post-conception CM! CD39/O Day: Watery CM DPO2: Noticed soreness in nipples and my teeth hurt (like when you have a headache), tired DPO4: Tiny bit of breast sensitivity (probably from aggressively poking myself to see if they were sensitive!) DPO7: BFN DPO9: BFN and made appointment for doctor DPO11: Yellow sticky CM DPO12: Yellow stretchy CM; a little breast sensitivity; maybe heightened sense of smell; Potentially positive tests from the doctor's DPO13: Phone call confirmation of positive blood pregnancy test! As you can see, I didn't have a lot of symptoms. I'm still in shock! Finally, I have a question (I know this has been a long post), but does that timeline sound right to you for getting faint positives on Wondfo pregnancy tests? After CD39, we didn't BD again until CD43. Assuming I'd ovulated on CD42, that would mean my faint positives at the doctor's office were on DPO9, instead of DPO12. Which sounds more likely to result in super faint lines and low HCG?


Congratulations.  Happy and healthy 9 mos.

Congratulations! I'm hoping this is me soon! My lmp was Sept 19th and all I'm getting is BFN's. :(

Its me again! The pregnancy is going great so far! I just had a dating ultrasound at 6 weeks 3 days so I can confirm that my doctor's office BFP was on 12DPO. My HCG blood test from 12 DPO was low--only 36--but the numbers have gone up since! Due date is July 16, 2016! I started getting very sore breasts around 4 and a half weeks pregnant. And the morning sickness hit right at the end of week 5. So thrilled to be pregnant!!

Congratulations!! Your post is easing my anxiety a litte. I have had a similar experience. Although, I stopped even trying to track ovulation in October. It was stressing me out. So my last period started 10/22 and I was also getting BFNs all over the place. I was so frustrated. By CD42 I thought it was time to call my doctor. My longest cycle prior to this was 37 days. So I went to doctor on CD 43, had blood drawn, urine test (BFN AGAIN!) - everything was fine. I was scheduled the following Monday for fasting blood test and pelvic ultrasound. There were some cysts found (nothing new for me) but the blood work was normal. So Tuesday (CD48) the doc prescribed progesterone to start my period. I aked the nurse if it was safe for me to take it IF by some miraculous chance I was indeed pregnant. I felt like an idiot. LOL She basically said I could take another HPT and if it was negative and I felt comfortable, start the progesterone. Or I could abstain from sex for two weeks, take an HPT, then take it if negative. So my husband and I decided to start by taking an HPT. Well guess what? It was a very faint positive! I was slightly in shock. I mean it was CD48 and I had numerous BFNs already! I am still so nervous and anxious though. I had a CP in July and I'm 42 yrs old now. I've been testing every day (about 3 days now) and my lines don't seem to be getting much darker. I finally broke down and called the nurse today. I'm having a blood test to check my levels on Monday. I am so glad your pregnancy is going so well. As I mentioned before it is giving me more hope. <3

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