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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

DD is Gonna be a Big Sister! I Can't Wait!

My digital test this morning came up PREGNANT!!! We have been TTC on and off for I believe about 5 or 6 months now. I am breastfeeding, so through this time have had anovulatory cycles, confusing CM patterns, a really short luteul phase with multiple patches of EWCM. Because I was still night-feeding my DD, I did not use BBT. Because LH often has to rise higher for a woman with high prolactin (milk-making hormone) levels to ovulate, I did not use OPK's.. I pretty much just did the thang if we saw EWCM and tried to be on the lookout for O pains. We started the month trying to SMEP but didn't want to force sex, either, so did miss some days here and there before really falling off this week. Here are the symptoms (by cycle day and DPO!) I just want to preface this, though. Each symptom noted and listed, in the moment, was so faint that I would have just written them off as "nothing" or "in my head" if this test wasn't positive. Like, I could have just as easily believed a negative test based on "severity" of symptoms. The only reason I tested was (ok, also because I am a recovering POASaholic.. ) but because I had creamy, yellowy CM with small little bits of EWCM like I had with DD in early pregnancy. And most everything I noted was similar to other cycles right up until I got the creamy CM the day I got the first BFP.. I have had many more convincing cycles than this one! CD12: DTD CD13: DTD cm- yellowy jelly glob, not thin enough to be EWCM and yellowish?! Jumped on DH as soon as he walked in the door, was rarin' to go! CD14: - Nothing? Didn't even notice CM. CD15: - EWCM, weak mittelschmerz left side day, right side night ... fairly persistent. Think I must have Od this day but had no libido. CD16 (1DPO +/-): DTD.. either mittelschmerz or some other weird cramping, but not as strong as CD15 CD17 (2DPO +/-): DTD. slight sore throat in the AM when first waking and nipples tingling. Feel off CD18 (3DPO +/-): DTD. 1230am, cm feeling more "moist" & thinner?? lower rib cage feels sore, almost bruised. cp - high, medium/soft?, closed CD19 (4DPO +/-) - really "in the mood" cp med & soft. could not feel opening.. then again have no idea what I'm doing as it pertains to checking my cervix, lol! spurt of creamy/lotion white cm later on. Big glob EWCM @ 1130PM but I also took vit B today (I get EWCM near every time I take vit B) CD20 (5DPO +/-): light backache. Light nausea. I Think to myself: Must barely be Oing.. ??? nausea + mild irritability. No visible ewcm, but it feels like its up there somewhere?? Feel "full" in my vagina like on EWCM days haha & increased libido CD21 (6DPO +/-) Whiteish tacky CM. Giant butt pimple!! (In retrospect, I got a lot of body acne my first trimester with DD, so this should have been a giveaway) Also noticed top half pf nipples is dark but bottom half is really light again... ? DTD at 11pm CD22 (7DPO +/-) Cold symptoms, stuffy nose.. gone after morning. Bloated + gas. Premenstrual crabby mood. EWCM @ 11 pm again... Not gelatinous but also not thin. Super super stretch. No libido tho. Headache PM. CD23 (8DPO +/-): DTD.. Big ol back pimple & Thinner Ewcm CD24 (9DPO +/-): Sticky white tacky cm daytime. Light cramps on and off :/ Cranky this morning.. Gained a lil holiday weight, Chris put his hand on my tummy and said "yup, you're pregnant!". Felt like crying about being a deadbeat/broke for Xmas later in the day. Was also very mad through the day about the smallest things; was suspicious but thought this could also be PMS. Have been craving chocolate.. again, PMS? CD25 (10DPO +/-) DTD. Light constipation gave way to diarhea. (The diarrhea is pretty normal before AF) Also had a plugged duct or really sore breast muscle in the am. Nipples have been getting hard more than usual and feeling "wet". Think to self: Am I leaking milk? (I breastfeed my DD still! So I don't take "breast symptoms" at all seriously.) Feeling slightly nauseous on an empty stomach... Not uncommon before AF or during O. Saliva feels thicker or more abundant. Forgot to chart: been having sciatica or a hip problem in left side on and off for a few days, need to see a chiropractor or something. (this was also something I had through my pregnancy with DD!! Now that I got a BFP I am noticing lol) Faint dizzy spell in PM, but wonder if am becoming hyper-conscious as AF approaches. CD26 (11DPO +/-) 1:10am yellowy hanging ewcm... figure I am out b/c I think I have not ovulated or AF is coming. Had a dream my mom said she bought me a pregnancy test for Xmas. Breasts are sore, not in the same full of milk sort of way that they get from breastfeeding.. but that could be premenstrual.. (this literally only lasted this night, and was gone and has not come back since!) Have felt like AF could come any second all day. Also *thought* I saw a pink spot when I wiped in the bathroom. But our Xmas hosts bathroom lights were very dim. Put in tampon just in case.. but nothing. A tiny bit of EWCM when I retrieved it mixed with some creamy yellowy cm. Also have another damn back pimple?! CD27 (12DPO +/-) Cramps and gas..... Feeling like AF will be here any minute now. Also, yellowy creamy cm.... which makes me go HMMM b/c I usually get NO CM or EWCM leading to AF, and the CM is yellowy creamy like when I was pregnant with DD! Keep feeling cramps that come and go, just like AF is coming. Big (very, very faint) positive?! Then neg on digi. CD28 (13DPO +/-) BFP ON DIGITAL WITH FMU!!!!!!!!!! Slightly nauseous (for just a quick minute then it passed) and very thirsty this AM. Stuff we did differently! : I enjoyed sex: we had sex when I felt horny and you'll notice we skipped 2 days right around O because we didn't feel like it and we were not gonna force it this month. I relaxed! I only "passively observed and recorded" my symptoms ( rather than the usual of opening my tracker app up 50 times a day). It helped that DD was breastfeeding so much, as I thought it would kill our chances anyways, so I was free to obsess less. I stopped taking vitamin B! It gave me too much confusing EWCM & I think it even further delayed my O?! Lastly, we started BD sooner and stopped later in the cycle, since I was not 100% sure of when O would be. Oh. And I prayed, but I prayed differently. I just kept saying, God, if this is your will... then please let it be. If not, give me the patience to persevere and show me where to go from here. I asked God for what I wanted, and for peace in my heart if it was not what he intended for me. I feel like a cycle or two ago I really began the process of handing it back over to God to figure out the timing.. I snatched it back up quite a bit, but this cycle I think I did okay leaving it up to the Big Guy.. I would even sometimes pray "God, I can't handle this stress, please take it from me.. I'm putting this in your hands.." there are too many elements and things we do not control, so there is no use stressing over them and trying to force them, ya know? It took me a long time to get to that conclusion...
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Congrats on you Bfp! God has truly blessed you. My DH and I have been ttc for 18 mos and its been hard. I find your pray to bring me hope in Gods perfect timing, I need to remember that. Thanks for posting!! I pray you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

Congratulation please ask god to get a positive p test soon .whats your religion

I am also still BF our 9 month old son & TTC #2. Did you remain amenorrheic for a long time? AF never returned for me, last week decided I would try OPK because I just had a feeling & got smiley faces on 2 days! Was very surprised. I'm still only 9-10DPO, waiting to test.

I love your story. Give it back to God. I'm so stressed that today at work i just stopped and prayed....exactly like you. Then i come home and read this! Congratulations on your bfp! Hopefully God will bless us with#2 soon as well. 10dpo and hopeful :)

Thank you so much for this reminder! I know this post is old but I needed it today! I am going to talk to God and give it to Him. I am on Cycle 3 and it became stressful and We should be enjoying each other and inviting God in to do what He will and give us peace and His joy in the process. Thank you again <3

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