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Detailed Daily Update before BFP

My husband and I have been NTNP for about a year and nothing ever happened. I always thought, "Oh I'll just never get pregnant..." Buuuut, I carefully tracked all my symptoms, CM and moods for the past year and got really in tune with my body. It's funny, but this month, I just knew I was pregnant... Here is my detailed blog: Bd'd 11/24 twice and ovulation around 11/26 UPDATE 11/30 (4DPO): I am all over the map.. *CM has become creamy and a super pale yellow color, zero odor... *Strong cramping in abdomen today *No breast pain, which usually starts pretty quickly after ovulation, but that has fluctuations. *Very weepy, moody, tired. *Headache, swollen throat, runny nose *Terrible lower backache about 3 days ago *Soft/High cervix yesterday and today UPDATE 12/1 (5DPO): *Yellowish snotty discharge at wake *Stuffed up nose *Still no breast soreness.. Starting to think i'm out this month. UPDATE 12/2 (6DPO): *Still no breast soreness, which is very unusual for me. My breasts usually hurt a lot after ovulation. *Cervix feels a lot firmer and CM (cervical mucus) is still lotiony and a very pale yellow when wiped onto tissue *Sinus cold UPDATE 12/3 (7DPO): *Creamy light yellow CM *No breast tenderness at all *Shooting pain next to left pelvic bone for just a moment *Sinus cold really bad UPDATE 12/4 (8DPO): *Sinus headache and nasal drainage really bad yesterday and today *BD'd with hubby, so no CM (cervical mucus) check *Minor lighting bolt like cramping on left side again this morning for about 5sec, just like previous this constipation (typical before period) *Grumpy, weepy, tired *Still no breast soreness...still a shred of hope... *9pm-10:30pm weird cramping on left side of lower abdomen. *Burst into tears watching a T.V. show about a couple agreeing to TTC (trying to conceive) lol *I feel kind of light headed and almost 'tipsy' but clearly not drinking lol UPDATE 12/6 (10DPO): *Still no breast soreness, always get sore boobs after ovulation. *CM lotiony, but a little thinner and less of it *Had a wonderful dinner with hubby and then got really cranky with some family stuff and it took me like 10min to calm down (what was that??) *Very subtle abdominal cramping *Sinus' going nuts..coughing, stuffed up, sore throat. Thinking I may have just skipped ovulation this month due to cold. Looking to test in 2 days at 12DPO and if neg, I'll try at 14DPO. UPDATE 12/7 (11DPO): * I couldn't help, but take a test this morning...stupid, AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) not due till Saturday lol clearly Neg *Thin lotiony CM, but not much. Still slightly yellow when wiped onto tissue *No breast soreness STILL!! *Super stuffed up, cold WILL NOT GO AWAY UPDATE 12/8 (12DPO): No sore boobs yet, but period cramps started around 7pm. Started on right side and spread across my abdomen lol exactly 1 week before MyDays app predicts my next period :) hoping thats a good sign! *Cold just WONT GO AWAY *Thin, lotiony CM with very very light yellow when wiped on tissue, otherwise it looks white UPDATE 12/9 (13DPO): *Thought I had a positive, but fairly certain its an evaporation line. I waited over 20min to check bc I was taking a bath. I think AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) is on her way.. *Feeling tired, sickish, just crummy all day at work..period cramps coming and going all day and just slightly nauseous/feverish all afternoon. *Blowing nose all night, all stuffed up UPDATE 12/10 (14DPO): *Woke up with light period cramps, no period *Boobs still not sore... *Blew nose with 2 Klennex and so much came out I needed 3 more tissues. Nose is just draining like crazy and its clear, so IDK whats going on.. *Took two First Response Tests and both clearly positive. UPDATE 12/11 (15DPO): *Very light period cramps *Another cheapie test and a darker BFP My biggest symptoms were LACK of breast soreness (in months where we didn't conceive, the egg would dissolve and release progesterone and I would get sore boobs) and constant runny nose; many women get the excess of CM, but I got a super stuffy nose as my body lowered its immune system to let the little "invader" implant :) Hope someone finds this useful!! I read soooo many of these over the last year wondering when it was going to be my turn! Best wishes to you ladies!!!
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This story was so exciting can you update would be interesting to know how are you doing now.

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