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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Early BFP, Big Symptoms

So, I would like to give my story. My husband and I were not actively trying to conceive but we're going to be by the end of the year and so like the crazy lady I am, I track my cycles. I use fertility friend, it's the easiest way to track my cycles with out me having to worry about dates getting deleted out of my phone and what not. I don't have to remember my LMP, I just look at the chart. So, that being said, I was not temping, just simply tracking period, forecasted ovulation and forecasted af. Well, this month, February (2013) was Valentine's day and we had just moved into a new house the week prior, so completely forgot about gifts and cards or making plans or anything. We took our son to pick something out and that was about it, my husband had to work swing that night. I figured, what's a better Valentine's day present to a man than my self with shaved legs! lol. I knew I was in my forecasted ovulation time so, I called him and told him to pick up a box of condoms on his way home. He did. So we bd'd and after it was said and done the condom was not where it was supposed to be. It had fallen off sometime before he finished! Bam! Hello two week wait! So beginning on February 15th... 2/14 BD Condom went missing! 2/15 1 DPO: Tons of pressure in my uterus. I just know I'm pregnant, I completely have that feeling. Had the same feeling with my son and my miscarried twins before my son. I just know. Dead tired!! Napped for hours 2/16 2 DPO: Less pressure but still there. bouts of nausea, the only thing I could eat in the morning was cheese wraps (the same thing I craved like crazy in my first pregnancy). Dead tired! 17th 3 DPO: Heartburn and indigestion are on fire my esophagus feels like it's going to melt! Same bouts of nausea especially in the car, tons of gas and bloating, decreased appetite, drinking a lot more! Everything smells like urine and the cat box about killed me with ammonia smell. Dead tired 18th 4 DPO: Symptoms are identical to 3dpo only the heartburn and indigestion are getting even worse! 19th 5 DPO: That's it I can't take it anymore, I have to make a midnight run to the store for zantac and mylanta. It burns way too bad. Crazy love for wild rice lemon chicken salad. Lunch every day this week. Frequent urination starting but could be from all the water I've been drinking, dry mouth and extreme thirst, still dead tired, some cramps in the pelvis. 20th 6 DPO: My memory is sooo bad! I forget everything, even in mid sentence! One tiny little spot of brown on the toilet paper when I wiped, about the size of a grain of short rice. Cramps are really starting and lower back pain. The other symptoms don't seem quite as bad today. 21st 7DPO: Symptoms are even lower except cramps and lower back pain are getting worse. and frequently urination. Took a walmart early response blue in the afternoon and it was BFN. 22nd 8 DPO: Looked at test again and the evap line was bright blue! That's not supposed to be. Evap lines are supposed to be gray. But whatever, I just wont read too much into it. Not much going on symptom wise just major UTI symptoms. Dead tired with insomnia, cramps, back pain, slightly tender boobs (hardly at all) full breast, heartburn is better but I've been taking one zantac a day, so that may be why. 23rd 9 DPO: Completely forgot. I have a lab on Urine analysis at school today! And I have to provide my own urine, this should be interesting! What would you know positive for UTI and slightly elevated Ketones. Go home look up why I would have elevated ketones and it says if you have both you are likely to be pregnant. My symptoms are so low now though, I don't know if I can be, Just the UTI and heartburn/indigestion remain. I was starting to think I'd just hyper ovulated and had high progesterone levels that caused all the early symptoms. I took another early response blue and the cheapy BFP but so faint that husband argued that it was an evap line. So he went and bought the two pack of First Response gold digital for me to take the next morning. 24th 10 DPO: Husband had left the tests in the car and he had his car at work! I saved my first morning urine but held my pee all day until he got off work at 2pm and so that urine was plenty concentrated enough and I didn't need to use the first morning urine I saved. I took the first response digital and got a BFP! It said, YES + in the box. Showed husband, laughed at him for not believing me. Told everyone I knew about it. Went to my brother's birthday party and my symptoms weren't bad at all. 26th 11 DPO took the second test in the am, BFP again. I called the doctor, she got me in same day to check for UTI and pregnancy. The pregnancy urine test she gave me came back negative!! I was freaking out so she took my blood and sent it off. Worried all night. boobs more tender now, cramps are horrendous and so is the back pain, I was thinking I was miscarrying already. 27th 12 DPO I called the Doctor and my lab results were ready, HCG 54. Definitely a BFP and great number for 12 DPO. I am not even expected to miss my period until the next day. SO at 11 DPO my HCG was 54. Now March 3rd. I am officially 4 weeks pregnant. My first day of LMP was Feb 3. I am Due November 10th 2013! Symptoms are still coming and going. Back pain and cramps have calmed down since getting the UTI cured. My next appointment is April 8th when I will be 9 weeks and 1 day and we will get an ultrasound to see if I did hyperovulate and am carrying one or two babies!!! GOOD LUCK! IT's definitely not too early for symptoms. My doctor even said that when she got pregnant the day after conception she was throwing up and it didn't stop the whole first trimester.


I'm really glad you posted this! I'm at 2 DPO and I have had mild cramps and back pain since yesterday that I typically don't have after O. I woke up this morning with cramps similar to my period, but they've lost some intensity now. This is our first month, and first time, TTC and everything I've read says it's impossible to feel symptoms so soon. I know it's not conclusive that I'll get a BFP, but at least I don't feel crazy for thinking it could mean something. I look forward to hearing the results of your ultrasound. Good luck!

I would be 2 dpo today and I've had sharp twitching pains . How can that be when the egg would still be crusing down the tube to the uterus ?

Still waiting to test, but I want to add to the list, especially since Christine and I are on the same timeline: persistent mild nausea and insanely itchy nipples (yesterday and today). Today is 7DPO.

4 dpo, having waves of nausea, stuffed up nose, a lot of BMs. This post makes me feel better about having symptoms, because I was starting to think I was making it up.

ok today is 11/7/13 and I cant shake this feeling that I am extremely prego! ok where to start i had a mc in march and my lmp was 10/20/13 well last thursday 10/31/13 i seen my husband whom i haven't been talking to since august 08/10/13 and we wind up sleeping together that night and the next morning 11/01/13 and though we are married we are separated so we practiced the withdrawal method *sorry for the tmi* anyway friday i was extremely tired but stayed up. the next day 11/02/13 i went to a buffet and had bad center belly pain feeling bloated burping and could smell everything the next day 11/03/13 i ovulated and i was extremely tired only wanted chocolate constipated alil back pain and emotional crying bout something that bothering months ago the next day 11/04/13 i had cramping when i woke up early in the morning not really hungry emotional again funny taste throbbing vaginal feeling smell everything tired chills and hot flashes oh yeah n constipated with nausea but no puking 11/05/13 tired thirsty nausea again no puking light cramps not really hungry alil light headed light back pain light throbbing on left side of vagina 11/06/13 pee'd 6x lower belly cramping and raw stomach feeling constipated hot flash lips super dry tired acid reflux *ugh* really strong gas below *again sorry for the tmi* left BB alil sensitive diarrea around 9pm both BB sensitive in the shower(milD) metal taste in mouth now today 11/07/13 mild cramping hot gas (top and bottom) diarrea made stomach hurt pens/needles in feet blew nose (mucus/light blood) chocolate donut taste like oil and candy taste like cough syrup and the only thing i wanna eat with no effect is sardines with hot sauce and crackers smh oh yeah and im extremely emotional for no reason started crying hard on the train but still have 9 more days

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