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Endo Pain Getting Worse

I was diagnosed in sept 2012 w/ endo. I am 30 yrs old. Had the symptoms my whole life and everyone said it was normal. So I was on depo for 10 years as that helped with the symptoms. I heard that could take a while to get out of your system so switched to bc pills for about 6 months and they got too costly, so got the mirena IUD put in. Did fine on that for about 4 years and then started bleeding, couldn't walk, and had to have surgery. After surgery I could walk again, was able to move about but within a few weeks the pain got bad again. Tried the IUD plus different combos of bc pills and they didn't help with the pain. I wanted to finish school and since depo worked before, I got that shot april 9 2013 while my iud was still in. It stopped the bleeding but not the pain. I couldn't continue with school due to the pain, and decided in April that we would get the IUD out July 13 2013 when the depo shot wore off. I had af the whole month of july (11-25 27-31). In aug I had 3 days of spotting (2nd, 5th, 16th). Then started a normal cycle sept 1-6 af. oct af 2nd-5th. oct 31st -nov 5th af. should have ovulated around 11-16th. started having sex every day 5 days prior to ovulation since the sperm can live for 5 days. Then was in too much pain and did it every other day through 18th. Got a BFP on black friday. beta levels were good and have an ultrasound scheduled for 12-10-13 to make sure its not ectopic. Since the beta levels were fine, I don't really think I need to worry. Good luck to you all. Keep in mind that, although it is different for everyone, my pain has increased substantially and I may go on short term disability leave from work if it continues. If anyone has any good books for prego people w/ endo or any websites, please let me know cuz I would really like to know when I can expect the pain to start diminishing and what is normal and what is not.


I am 28. I was diagnosed with endo 10 years ago. I have had 3 surgeries to help. I was married last April 2013 and have been trying to conceive since then. Your story gives me hopes!! I had my last shot January 2012, then finally received my first period the beginning of September. My doctor told me to have sex 10 days in a row. I did it the first month trying, but it was AWFUL. Even cried during it at some points. I simply cannot do that!!

Here's hoping December is my month! I will ovulate next week. I'd also love to know about books or websites you find. :) Congrats!

Congratulations. It is always so joyful to read about women getting pregnant with endo. I was officially diagnosed about 2 months ago but am dealing with complications and many doctor visits. The pain is horrible, and similar to you... it is hard to walk. I've been looking for a job, but I'm almost relieved that I haven't found one yet because I don't know how I could hold down a full time job with how horrible my pain is every month. Anyway sorry to go on and on!! Just really wanted to let you know how happy I am for you! I know pregnancy is supposed to help... I sure hope your pain gets better very quickly!!

well i had an ectopic pregnancy when i was 18 yrs old. i was told that a piece of my tube was removed so since i have had a total of 14miscarriages. as soon as i find out that I'm pregnant few days later i start bleeding and well lose the baby. i don't no why. i'm about to be 36years and this bothers me everyday that every month i try and i get no results. i really want a baby and i feel that my husband will leave me if i don't give him a child. i don't know what else to do. I've been to different doctors some have actually said to me i don't know what to do i've never heard of anything like this before...i really feel like this is taking over my life! until i was searching on google on the best ways to get pregnant and deliver safe and i saw numerous comments of different women with similar situation as mine saying testimonies of how they got pregnant and delivered safe by a spiritualist and spiritual healer , called ashra , i then made up my mind to give a try as there was not so many options for me, i contacted ashra and i sent ashra a mail that one of the ladies put that you reach ashra on , and i was replied immediately i read the mail i noticed happiness and hope again , and after saying the situation ashra said that a cleanse spell will do the job,i bought the items that was used and a cleanse spell was done for me and before i new it the very next month i was pregnant and i delivered my babies safely without any complications , i tell you today josh and Ashley are both celebrating there 1year birthday today , and its made my world worth leaving now i have what to leave for , thanks to ashra ,i will forever remain grateful , for those having issues you can contact ashra on email and i tell you , that you will surly testify


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