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Faint BFP?!? why is it so hard to believe

Hey Ladies, Merry Christmas Eve! This was my second month TTC (still learning the abbreviations for everything-forgive me) I'm 27 and my DH is 24. We BD'd (he likes that saying now he always calls it that ;-) lol) anyways! We BD'd on November 30th which was still during my last period but I was only very lightly spotting then, the 7th, the 9th and the 13th. According to my glow app (not sure how accurate) my window of ovulation was December 8th-14th. I started having low back pain and cramping on the 9th which I thought was odd, because I never get ovulation symptoms. Anywho, my DPO's might be off because I'm not exactly sure which day I ovulated, because I wasn't using tests. I'm going with the 12th because that's what glow said my optimal day was for conceiving. Oday and leading up to Oday... *cramps, diarrhea (sorry TMI) like very frequently.Pain on the right side (kind of like a hard ball sitting in uterus) gassy, tired. Hollow feeling in uterus. Had to reach up to get any but there was a small amount of EWCM. 1dpo- BD'd (dec 13th)- cramps very mild, maybe not actually there? (in my head) nipples mildly tingling. Sore lower back but not too bad. Empty stomach feeling even after I eat. Tummy grumbling a lot today (never happens) Bad headache. Craving egg salad sandwhich like crazy. Burping more than usual. Fluttering in left side of uterus. A bit irritable, I'm sure DH would say a lot. 3dpo- Leg cramps, minor AF like cramps, back pain, frequent urination, SO SO tired, very faint bitter taste in the back of the mouth, boobs feel fuller but not at all sore, nipples constantly erect, hiccups/burping, gassy, lotion like CM but not a lot. 4-5dpo- Diarrhea is back. Pulse is 78 (not sure what it normally is) Still hungry. Sharp pain woke me up today but not sure if it was because I had to pee really bad or if it was something else. 6dpo-Boobs feel fuller but not sore yet still. Resting HR upon waking is 90. Felt like palpitations/anxiety. 8dpo- Bd'd again (no sex drive but poor DH was in the mood) White creamy CM came out afterwards. Headache. 9dpo-Front teeth so sensitive. Hurts to drink anything remotely cold without a straw. this is one of the symptoms that really makes me think I am pregnant. The roof of my mouth is sore and raw, kinda like when you eat a hot slize of pizza. Light cramping, back ache, hot flashes, sweating more than usual. HR 96. Still so tired. 10dpo- Groin pain mild. Sore throat on the left side. TIRED. Boobs mildly sore but not like usual AF sore. Dreaming more, almost every night. Nipples tingling. 11dpo- Tired, AF like cramps, super green and blue prominent veins around nippes and up breasts. Nipples so Huge and swollen and a bit flaky. I've had a weird rash on tops of hands which is unusual for me, skin is extra dry, wondering if this could be from prenatal vitamins? Prominent green veins on tops of feet getting out of the bath. Too early to have pregnancy brain but man am i ever forgettful lately. (like forgetting my next words in the middle of a sentence forgetful) irritable, not as hungry, low back pain worse, bloated/gassy, feeling constipated but had BM and a normal one at that. out of breath. So at 11dpo I took a CB test and there was a faint positive. Today 12dpo I took a CB digi test that says 1-2 weeks but now i've gotten myself so down reading all the negative things about CB tests and false positives that I'm terrified to try other brands. So any advice or helpful stories that can relate would be great. Either way, it's christmas tomorrow and stores are closed anyways. Merry christmas ya'll soon to be mommies!! baby dust xoxoxxo
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