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Faint but there BFP

Today is 12dpo and I got my BFP!! I can't believe it. We have been trying since Jan 15 naturally, since July 15 with help. I skipped Clomid and went straight to Femara, but nothing. Finally, we tried injectibles- Gonal F + trigger. My first estrodiol reading after 3 doses of 200 units was only 82, so I'm pretty sure I've never ovulated naturally.

We couldn't go forward with IUI because of hyper stimulation risks, and the dr was concerned over our risk of multiples, but we BDed the day before it was scheduled and the day of multiple times. We actually got a hotel room to make it seem more exciting and less scheduled :)

Since 9dpo I've felt fleeting cramps, just like period cramps. I tested 10dpo and got a stark white BFN, and the tugging feeling got worse. Was sure AF was imminent. So depressed. Tugging sensation 11dpo too, didn't test. Woke up today got my BFP!!!


So happy for you!!!  'We actually got a hotel room to make it seem more exciting and less scheduled :)' PRICELESS love it!!

OMG congrats!! That is great news!!  Keep us posted!  Hotel room is great idea!  I am happy I just read your story b/c I am in the same situation at the moment.  I am doing my first round of gonal F and IUI, 6 months of clomid didnt do much for me.  After 4 doses of gonal f at 75 units my E2 was only 70.  They increased it to 125 and 2 doses later it went up to 117.  I took same 125 dose last night and I will tonight as well and re-check Tuesday morning.  If I hyper stimulate and IUI gets cancelled I am BDing anyways as well!! lol


Good luck and have a happy and healthy 9 months!! :)

God bless you and keep you two!!

Good luck, dliz! My dr said that often the second month of Gonal-F is better, because the first is just trying to figure out how your body works and what doses are going to be best to get you to ovulate but not hyperstimulate. It's a delicate balance!

I had my beta and everything is looking good!! I'm 4wks 3days, but I feel like I can't celebrate until we have the first ultrasound and we hear the heartbeat. No one prepared me for a SECOND two week wait!! ;)


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