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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Feeling Blessed -- BFP 13dpo!

I LOVED following this site for the past 2WW!!! It helped make me feel calm, hopeful and "busy" enough to keep me from testing too early! :) I decided to list out my symptoms I am having/have had because it helped me so much reading others. I didn't think you could get symptoms this early on, but I am FIRM BELIEVER now that you can!!! :)

Story: Mom of a 3 year old, had a miscarriage in December of 2013 (very early), was put on clomid and took CD5-9, used clear blue easy ADVANCED opk's (which I swear by now) and got BFP on 13dpo.

Here it goes!!

6dpo: slight cramping off and on during the day
7dpo: slight cramping off and on during the day
8dpo: slight cramping/stretching feeling in the morning
9dpo: slight cramping/stretching feeling off and on during the day
10dpo: slight cramping and some body aches (body aches could be from something else, but I'm just listing everything out.)
11dpo: cramping, bloated feeling, gassy, a bit nauseated!!!
12dpo: cramping, a bit nauseated and shortness of breath!!! SO STRANGE!!!
13dpo: cramping -- Thought AF was on her way.. so I tested anyway... BFP!!!!! Faint, but is there!

I will be taking another test this afternoon that uses words ("pregnant" or "not pregnant") So I can confirm! :)

NOTE: During the past 2ww -- I was also going #2 quite often (TMI I know) but wanted to share!! Sometimes all those cramps make that happen!!!

Biggest help was the digital OPK's -- way easy to follow and you don't have to guess if one line is darker than the other! :)

I'm hopeful and praying this is a solid healthy pregnancy. Calling Doctor tomorrow and most likely will be put on progesterone.


congrats!! I am using the clearblue advanced right now. My tww starts in about two or three days. Hoping time flies by :) I also hope I feel symptoms early on so it can keep my hopes up.

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