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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Finally a BFP After Almost 4 Years TTC #2... Alhamdolillah

Icsi no 3... Retrieval: Thursday June 13, 2013 Retrieved 37 eggs... Mild ohss June 14: 2 liters of ringolact iv fluids June 15: 1 liter of ringolact iv fluid June 14, 15, 16, 17 ... Extremely bloated, sore bbs, strong cramps, nausea, tightness in abdomen, pressure felt when going to the loo... Loose motions.... Drinking water is an effort but I felt that I am not peeing as much as I am drinking... Moody and emotional... Crying at everything on tv... Embryo transfers Day 3, June 16, 2013 2 morulas and a 10-celled embryo Cramps, bloating and nausea June 17: Sore bbs, cramps and tightness in the abdomen but better than before. Mild Nausea too.. June 18: Sore bbs, waves of nausea, bloating, gasses and pretty strong cramps June 19: Day 6 transfer of blastocyst... Cramps, nausea and bloating gone as if by magic... Slightly hungrier... Craving of pickly, spicy things... Ate tikka with lots of spicy chutney and onions... Sore bbs June 20: Sore bbs still there, morning is perfect, no nausea or cramps... Come P.m ... Appetite increase, cramps in the lower abdomen, slightly on the left side... Pressure felt when going for bowel movement... Pee seems a bit hotter... Mild headache... Looks like the beginning of a migraine... Feel like having a spicy tomato chutney... Slightly hungrier... Said no to ice cream O.o... Drinking water and expelling it out... June 21: Sore bbs, mild cramps in lower abdomen, pulling/ tugging sensation around navel and cramping in the groin area... One big cramp in the morning June 22: Sore bbs, mild cramping... General feeling of heaviness in my lower abdomen... Vivid dream in the afternoon... Cried while watching diff'rent strokes Jun 23: BBs not so sore, some twinges here and there, general feeling of fullness in bladder even when it's empty, very weepy, sneezed and soiled myself twice, hint of nausea, am aware of the left size of my lower abdomen, belching like a man, motions but not very loose. Few cramps in the lower abdomen. Stale taste in mouth despite chewing on strong peppermint gum. Jun 24: BBs not too sore, mild twinges/ cramps towards the left side of my lower abdomen, mild nausea in the a.m. Very slight pain in my lower back... Didn't wake up at the alarm for two nights in a row. Smells disturb, threw up once in the pm. Jun 25: Mildly sore bbs, mild cramps in the a.m., I think I am sleeping a bit much and too soundly, didn't wake up on my alarm for the third night in a row... Hint of nausea, feeling of suffocation.. Although I haven't thrown up but I can feel the taste of food in my throat, like it rises and then goes back in... 3 spots on my face and a dry patch above my lip... Vomited just a little bit, taste in my throat is bitter but just slightly... Very sleepy Jun 26: Very mild cramps in the lower abdomen, bbs not to sore, weepy mood, almost threw up, nausea in the am, am aware of a spot or maybe a ball in my lower abdomen on the left side... God help me... Stale taste in my mouth like I haven't brushed... But I have... Going to poop for around 3-4 times for two days now, whereas only once is normal for me... Am I slightly hungrier? Mild back ache when I am sitting without support for namaz Jun 27: Hint of nausea, wanted to throw up but cudn't, gassy, generally ok... Threw up a bit of bitter liquid, heartburn which is just not normal for me!! Bbs mildly sore... Montgomery bumps showing... I think I see veins on my chest? Heartburn and nausea, poop breaks often Jun 28: Nausea, poop, belching, general feeling of uneasiness, gag reflex strong, cramps in my groin area... Praying and keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow's beta. Mild cramps and nausea in the evening, went to throw up but couldn't. Smell sensitivity increased and heartburn... Feeling slightly bloated June 29: BETA DAY!!!! slept soundly although I lose sleep when I am stressed. Stress also causes frequent trips to the loo. I had mild cramping on the left side of my lower abdomen, mildly nauseous and mildly sore bbs... Shaky legs... All due to stress I guess... Threw up thrice approximately whilst waiting for the results.... Finally, when I feel almost faint with tension, my doctor, who is also my sister in law drops in with a big cake, a bigger smile and the greatest bear hug she could manage!!! BFP with a beta value of 1486!!!!!!! Probably twins or maybe even triplets!!! Allah Almighty is great... After all the period of trying, we finally are blessed!!!


Wow congrats!

so happy for you! Barak Allah feeki

Congrats. Allah is great al praise b unto hm.wishn u a h n h 9mnths

my beta was today i will get ny results tomorrow inshallah. my retreval was the 16 th as well. wish me lock.

Oh my goodness, I did not know so many other Muslim women were on this site. Alhamdullilah!! I am so happy for you. I have trying to get pregnant for about a year now, but to no avail. I get so discouraged sometimes and I had to stop looking at this website because it was just too depressing. You really brightened my day!! I pray everything goes well with this pregnancy and I love you all for the sake of Allah!!

Alhamdulillahi Raabil Alameen Mabrook sister!!! Its nice to see other muslims on here .

Slms, Alhamdulillah congrats , its really is so nice to hear that I'm not alone in this crazy nt getting pregnant process. I haven't done ivf or any retreivals had a lap done last year was on fostimon injections for a month and recently started Cloumid cycles. I have stage 1-2 endo and two cysts. So my prognosis is not hectic but still no baba. This is the first time I've come across a page with a muslim comment. Thank you so much for sharing Inshallah soon we will all join you. Sprinkle your baby dust. Slms to all

Maaf meant to say had two cysts removed with the endo, ramadhaan Mubarak to all. Ps your sister inlaw was so sweet to have celebrated with you n that way. May Allah reward her abundantly.

Oh,Mashallah!!! what a great encouragement. I am very happy for you! God is great!

Alf mabrouk sister! I'm on day #2 after my very first FET. Im excited but very nervous. Allah is great. All I can do is pray and hope. Nshallah, may Allah be with you all and make all your dreams of becoming mummy's true. Amen.x

Hi everyone I'm new to all this :) and it so nice to hear from fellow Muslims! Firstly congratulations to all those who have had BFP's!! May Allah continue to bless you! So happy for u all, and for those that haven't it will happen for you :) insha'Allah! So my story, I'll keep it short don't want to bore u lol! I'm 28 and my DH 33, alhumdulilah DH Is all gd however I have endometriosis, Polycystic ovaries oh and a tilted uterus. I had a laparoscopy in Jan 2006 and another in May 2011. We have been trying to concieve for 5 yrs tried 6 cycles of clomid 3 prior to laparoscopy and 3 after and unfortunately this didn't work. Now on my first round of IVF full of lots of mixed emotions, had my EC on the 18th September which was soooo painful, I'm sure the sedation didn't work for me :s .... Anyway, they collected 4 eggs which weren't as many as they expected. 24 hours later I got a call to say 3 have fertilised and was booked in for the ET on the 20th September (2 day transfer) I only had one transferred as they said I'm too young to have anymore especially being my first time. 1 good embie transferred. Now on the 2ww which is taking forever, I've had few twinges but trying not symptom spot, hopefully it's finding a nice cosy home to live in as we speak. Insha'Allah. My husband has a chat to the embie everyday lol .... "Grow baby grow" it's cute and I love it. Well that's us in a nutshell, be lovely to hear journeys of others xx

A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast. incimbimb

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