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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

FINALLY after 3.5 years - NO symptoms

I cannot believe i am sitting here writing this post. I have stalked this site for years! My hubby (40) and I (35) have been trying with a little help from an RE (clomid and progesterone and HSG surgery) and every natural remedy you have ever hear of on the internet for 3.5 years and had all but given up hope that we could conceive naturally. I have severely scared tubes, endo and PCOS. So we finally booked in for IVF. Our appointment to start stims is January 31 (TOMORROW).

Well low and behold, I'm pregnant!!!!

I had no symptoms, but it was my birthday dinner last Monday and thought i should test just to be sure before i went out and consumed copious amounts of booze. It was negative, so i tossed it and went out and had a great night. I have no idea what possessed me to look at it the next morning but I did and i swore i could see a little something! Now i have seen enough stark white negative pregnancy tests in my life and could not let myself believe it was something to get excited about but there was definitely something there. So I decided to test again and the line started to get darker and darker each day. And finally confirmed on a digital on Friday! I am pregnant!!!! Can you believe the month before we are to start IVF we finally did it!??

Things we did differently:
i quite smoking again January 3
started taking fermented greens super food, clorella and wheat grass in a morning smoothie
started running again
took muzinex (sp??) around ovulation I only took 3 pills a day-ish before actual ovulation. Had them and decided why not. My naturopath thinks this is what did it.
took progesterone hoohaa pills from ovulation to date.
Hubby - took MACA and a really good multi

totally dry
little twinges and bubbles (just started now)
some very mild cramping
sore boobs (thought it was just the progesterone)

I know it is very very early but I have decided to let myself be excited and to embrace the positive tests and tell the world! Even if the pregnancy isn't viable, we got pregnant! we actually got pregnant! That, in my opinion, is something to celebrate!

PRAYING for a sticky bean and clear tubes!!!!


 now THATS the right  attitude! 

i have my first ever  ivf appointment  tomorrow  afternoon. my period is/was due today ..... just  imagine+!!  I have a test to do first thing in the morning lol.... but im the same as you.... if i am... ill tell the world !! come what may!!  Because after  trying  naturally  for 2 years and 8 months ... that would be something  to celebrate hey!! 


congratulations  again!!  

love alexandra

thanks Alexandra! 


Beta came back at 244 today so thing look good! sticky bean!!!!


Your story brought tears to my eyes! That is so exciting and I love your attitude! Wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy. 

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