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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

FINALLY! BFP after MC :) Can't believe I'm writing this....

Ok, so after creeping on here for the past 2 weeks, I finally get to write about MY BFP! 35 day cycle, O'd cd20 - hubby and I BDed on cd 14, 15, 16, 18 & 21. I also used the Diva Cup for the first time. I know a lot of people say it doesn't get the sperm to sit close enough to the cervix, but I practiced yoga with it in 3 of the times so I was upside down a LOT! haha 1dpo - 12dpo: Basically PMS symptoms - random AF cramps after 7dpo - I was SURE AF was coming! 13dpo: During my yoga class (I practice 5 x or more per week) my heart rate shot up and then I just got super dizzy. This never happens! But I kept telling myself this cycle "Honestly, my period is coming, it's just PMS." Needed chocolate bad. 14dpo: Boobs super sore. My right boob got super swollen - I had hubby touch it and he was like "whoa, it's a hard lump!" I put a cool rice bag on it and relaxed - I suspected something was up, but still I was convinced AF was coming. I also felt extremely hungry, which isn't totally odd, but this was like deep hunger - not just cravings. 15dpo (day AF was due): Sore boobs still and AF cramps - felt I was out - but she didn't show. In any case, I told myself, I've been a day late before and nothing. 16dpo: Boobs sore - AF cramps and I had a little bit of wine that night because I was SURE I was out but it just didn't sit well with me and I couldn't even finish the glass - started to have a little inkling that something was off - I usually love me some wine! 17dpo: HUNGRY this morning - and at lunch- SO SO HUNGRY! Felt heavy all around my legs and lower abdomen - like AF feeling - but had a few waves of light light cramping but nothing bad. Decided to FINALLY test because I couldn't handle it any more. Got off work and drove to the store thinking the whole time "ok, you can take the test, see you aren't preggers, and then have a fun weekend with the fam and relax. Got back, POAS and the plus sign came up super quick! I flipped out! 18dp-19dpo (today): Twinges in my lower tummy (had these with my last pregnancy too) and my boobs are still super sore. To sum it all up, I honestly felt that AF was coming. The boobs thing really IS a symptoms I see across the board - but, it's hard to tell because at first they are sore like they would be before AF, then got more and more. Good luck to all you ladies!
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