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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Finally Happened! :)

To All Hopeful Mother's To Be,
Like many woman who are TTC I symptom spotted on this site so many times wishing it'll be my turn already!

So here I am 11 weeks pregnant giving you all who read this a little more hoping help along the way! :)

My Last Menstrual Period (LMP) was 2/17

O day (ovulation) 3/1
Backaches, gas, cramps, left pelvic pain
CM (cervical mucus) Lotion Like
CP (cervical position) High, Medium/Soft, Open

1dpo (day post ovulation): Nausea
CM: Same
CP: Same

2-3dpo: Nothing
CM: Same
CP: Same, Same, slightly open

4dpo: Gas
CM: Same
CP: Medium, Same, Same

5dpo: Nothing
CM: Same
CP: Same

6dpo: Dull cramps after intercourse (normal for me)
CM: Same
CP: Same

7dpo: Bloating, cramps
CM: Same
CM: Same

8dpo: Gas
CM: Same
CP: Same

9-10dpo: Nothing
CM: Same
CP:  Low, Firm, Closed

11dpo: Implantation
Extreme bloating & cramping. It felt like a long duration of heartburn!
CM: Same
CP: Same

12dpo: Right pelvic pain, Cramps
CM: Same
CP: Same

13dpo: 1st day of Missed Period (3/14)

I waited exactly 7 days (3/21) to test because I did not want to be disappointed. But when I did... Lo & behold a very clear plus sign!
I've tried the mucinex & the preseed but it didn't work for me. It worked the natural way w. Vitamins. I was taking iron, calcium magnesium zinc, & vitamin E.

I want to let every woman here, who has doubts, know that if you have not been clinically diagnosed with infertility there is NOTHING wrong with u!!! All in God's timing. "Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God" -Philippians 4:6-7

Lots of Baby Dust to you all! Xoxo

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