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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Finally My BFP After 8 Months!

After 8 Months of never missing a night of BD with my Hubs we FINALLY have a BFP. This month we didn't BD every night, I didn't symptom check daily, or check my CP or CM. We were very busy and this is the emptiest chart I had on OVIA i think ever, after so many months full of "symptoms" and getting let down I gave myself a break this month for my own sanity.
I didn't even think it was possible that anything had happened this month with ONLY 4 hearts on our calendar this month. YIKES.

I have never thought to myself wow my CM looks very fertile this month. EVER. In all 8 months of trying every NIGHT my cm was always sort of the same. (I'm not sure if thats because i never really checked outside of the week Ovia told me I was fertile or not but I'm thinking this was the problem) Usually Runny clear or clumpy white. Nothing stretchy or anything described as fertile.
This month was different I didn't check Ovia AT ALL. I happened to be using the restroom and noticed my cm looked different checked it and it stretched FAR very FAR. According to Ovia I had ovulated a week before which i trusted after 8 months of logging my cycle but they were WRONG. I noted in my head we should probably BD lol. The next day CM was the same so again that night the same thing. Those were two of our measly four this month.
And then I was symptomless. Every month I thought this was wrong that was wrong omg is this a pregnancy symptom or not?! Not this month. I didn't even think about it.
My bbs are usually sore right after AF but this time they became sore on 8DPO. I only know because I logged it into Ovia but my bbs being sore isn't unusual for me.
They stayed sore until I got my positive test on 15 DPO.
The only reason I tested was because AF was late and I was about to go out for some drinks with my best friend but I had a gut feeling to test just to be safe because I would feel horrible if I found out later. I was not even expecting a positive but when it showed I was ecstatic!

My advice to everyone is don't give up hope. Don't stress on the apps in fact delete or ignore them for a month or two and listen to YOUR BODY. After 8 months of daily logging Ovia was a week off for me still! You will be the best predictor of your fertility. It will happen(:

Baby dust.

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