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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Fingers crossed!! First time TTC!

Hello all! This is my first time posting to this site, although I have been reading a lot of posts on here and I am hoping that what I am experiencing is going to lead me to my BFP! A little background on me: 31. Nurse for a urology practice. I'm successfully treated for vaginismus (painful intercourse for those that don't know) which I had dealt with for almost 10 years. My DH and I have been married for almost a year, and we had been wanting to start trying for a baby, but I was having awful anxiety to the point where even attempting BD was impossible. I began pelvic floor PT in January, and within 8 weeks I was finally able to BD with my hubby. I've never really attempted to track CM or CP, and have only ever used Glow for period tracking. Now that I am pain free, I am hoping to see my BFP! I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I've been trying to be diligent about tracking my symptoms, but at the same time, I am feeling like I am making myself crazy... This is based off of the Glow app tracking my fertile window. It said that 3/5 was my best chance of conception. I'm not entirely sure if I did ovulate that day, but we BD through my entire fertile window. 3/5-BD, 30.7% chance of pregnancy per Glow app. 3/6- constant pressure in my pelvic area, felt like I was constantly back and forth to the bathroom. Severe nausea. Stayed home from work. 3/7- trouble falling asleep, appetite non-existent, slight frequency, CM was wet and clear. 3/8- trouble falling asleep, dreamt about baby shower, appetite came back, CM wet and clear, low back pain for 5 minutes, soreness in left breast, LUQ discomfort, breasts feel heavier than usual, bloating 3/9- sore breasts, crampiness, sharp pain in abdomen 3/10- frequent urination and pelvic discomfort, sensitive nose, nausea, passed large clump of white CM, increased CM to point where I had to change my underwear twice, soreness around breast by armpit, thought maybe starting with UTI. Took antibiotic. 3/11- trouble falling asleep, tingling in legs, increased appetite, nausea on and off 3/12- sensitive nipples, nausea on and off, increased CM, sticky CM 3/13- on and off nausea, sticky CM with some pink tinge, crampiness, sharp pain in abdomen, heartburn when laying down 3/14- bloating, sensitive nipples, was cooped up due to the winter storm and decided to try FRER, negative 3/15- woke up nauseated, threw up twice, sensitive nipples, brown spotting when I wiped today I decided that I won't retest until Sunday, because I don't want to get my hopes up. AF is due according to the Glow app on Monday 3/21. Baby dust to all!


Thanks! I am just hoping that all that I have been experiencing is a good sign. I took a FRER on Friday morning and it was negative, but by the end of the evening, there was a gray line on it where a pink line would normally be. I wasn't really sure what to make of it. Tomorrow AF is due, and I went to the store tonight to get more tests, since a close friend of mine said to use them instead of digital tests because they sometimes can be wrong??? I feel so new to all this and my head is spinning...I am going to try a test in the morning and see what whole thing is that I have never felt anything like this before for as long as its been going on, so if it isnt a bfp then wth is it???? If AF comes then i will look into opk and bbt.

Less than 24 hours. Actually my friend saw it in my trash and started freaking out that she saw the gray line and said that it could be a good thing...still trying to keep positive. Tested this morning and negative, and just had my hubby check to see if there was a gray line and he said no. What does that even mean??? And Af is due today and so far nothing, although it looks like clear fluid in my undies...

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