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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

First BFP @7dpo :)

Hello ladies...

6 months I have been lurking on this site, reading all the BFP stories. They were so encouraging, and I just couldn't wait until I was able to write my own story. Well here I am...9dpo...super positive FRER! I still cant believe it. I had no idea I could get a BFP this early but I guess even my faint positives at 7dpo were real :) Hope you enjoy my story...

DH and I have been trying for 6 months. We tried Soy Iso, Primrose oil, and even Preseed (which people swear by). NONE of them worked. This last month, I didn't even TTC. I was sick with gastritis, and that was the last thing on my mind. But worked. I started feeling really bloated and my boobs were hurting sooooo bad. They started hurting 1dpo?! Then one day, all of sudden my shirt felt wet. I went to the bathroom, and there was fluid coming out of my left nipple. I freaked out. All I kept think was breast cancer, and made an appt that second for my doctor. When I went to see him, he examined me, and did some blood work. He said everything was fine, and that its normal for women my age to experience these kind of things every now and then. He made me not worry anymore, but as days went on my boobs kept getting more sore. Painfully sore, all through the day. So a week later, I started thinking...I doubt it, but is there a possibility I might be pregnant? I've gone through so many months, honestly thinking I was and then the witch would rare her ugly head. I didn't want to get my hopes up. I made an appt. to go see the OB-GYN, I wanted her to tell me my boobs were okay, and talk to her about trying for 6 months with result. I started taking a test every morning since the start of the week. Monday...BFN, Tuesday...BFN, Wednesday...Faint positive?! No way!! Couldn't be. Thursday...darker BFP...And now Friday...super dark BFP. I'm only 9dpo today, which means, I got my first BFP at 7dpo!! I could not believe it!!! I still cant. So far I feel great!! Not pregnant at all. So summing it up, my sign were MAJOR sore boobs, felt really cold, a little bit of AF cramps, and a slight sore throat for 1/2 of a day. That's it. No bleeding gums, no implantation bleeding, no runny nose, no headaches, that's it!! I think relaxing and not trying so hard made a huge difference. I did start drinking Lipton "Bedtime Story" tea every night to help me relax, because I have insomnia. I don't know if it helped, but that was the only thing different.

I know how stressful it can be when you're TTC. I read that you need to relax, and that seems almost impossible, when that's all you can think about. But I tell you from experience...that is what worked for me.

I wish ALL of you TTC'rs out there the best of luck!! Don't give up hope, and don't stress yourself out about it. After all...its suppose to be a natural thing!!


Thank you for sharing your story....I am almost the same as you, you are 9 dpo on Friday....I am 9 dpo on Saturday (today) but I haven't got a BFP yet. I tried testing on Friday but I got a BFN....So i'm too scared to try again until my period is due. CONGRATULATIONS and all the best with your baby!!

congratulations, but please do everyone a favour and STOP telling us to relax.

Lina, RELAX she was just saying not to stress out like so many of us do. Being bitter won't get you pregnant. Being nice won't either however will make you a nicer person!

Wow this is a GREAT story! So inspired! I'm 7 dpo today but I haven't tested at all ( too nervous). Me and my hubby have been trying since November 2012 which is when I took my last BC pill.. I've been disappointed so much that now it's just like something that I don't even feel like being bothered with anymore... Anyway, something just won't let me! lol but down to the nitty gritty. I've had lots of CM post ovulation. I've been having cramps everyday since 4 dpo. My boobs hurt slightly sometimes. Nothing major which is kinda disappointing since this is supposed to be the tell tale sign of pregnancy.. but the most distinctive symptom so far have been the cramps.. My mood was awful yesterday. I feel sorry for the hubby :( but I guess I'm going to wait a few more days to test. It's almost impossible to not test but I figure the longer the better. Praying that I get my bfp soon!!!

I was just like you I got my first verty feint positive at 7 dpo and v thought I was insane. but on Christmas I got A very dark positive as well .congrats hun I'm so happy for you

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