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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

First Clomid/IUI round

A short back story: I'm 36 and started trying for my first baby at the beginning of this year. I had been tracking my ovulation for a few months, so I thought I knew when to time things so that I'd get pregnant fairly quickly. I had been on some form of birth control since I was 19, and most recently went off Depo Provera a year ago. I had regular periods and no signs of concern. I got pregnant after 3 months of trying, only to sadly end up having a chemical pregnancy and losing it before I even made 5 weeks. I decided to see a fertility specialist when I hadn't become pregnant again after 6 more months of timing things perfectly. I was SO frustrated and scared. Month 9 of this journey was my test month. I had an ultrasound, blood/urine tests and an HSG exam to rule anything out. Everything came back normal with me and my husband - we had "unexplained fertility". I was almost hoping for something specific that would explain why we weren't pregnant yet, but this unexplained thing was so irritating. My doctor decided since I was older and already had 1 miscarriage, she would start me on a round of Clomid at the lowest dose of 50mg. I would then have an IUI done after tracking with opk's at home. The Clomid/IUI round when pretty smooth. Clomid made me pretty uncomfortable, though. By the time I had my folicle ultrasound check, my ovaries felt so incredibly sore and swollen. Having sex was so painful, too. My ultrasound did show i had 3 very mature follicles (which explained my pain). I when home and got a positive opk that evening, called the clinic and scheduled my IUI for the following morning at 11am. I was slightly concerned the timing may have been too early, since it was less than 24 hours from my positive LH surge. We BD that night and i was feeling myself ovulate overnight (so much pain!!!). I was also concerned we screwed everything up doing that, too - since my husband had less than 24 hours to "remake" a good sperm sample. Well, after he gave his sample the next morning, I went in for the IUI and the nurse told me beforehand he gave a fantastic sperm sample! LOL I guess the refraining for 48 hours thing didn't apply after all. My IUI was painless and took about 3 minutes total. I've had more discomfort having IUD's inserted to be honest! I went home and rested that day. I know we probably should have BD that night as well, but my stomach was in so much pain still from ovulating 3 huge eggs, I just could not handle it again. Fast forward to 10 days post IUI and I was feeling soreness in my boobs. I normally didn't start feeling PMS symptoms until closer to my period, and I was still 4 days away from my test date. I thought that was strange, so I decided to test early expecting nothing to happen. To my shock, I got a faint positive that morning!! I tested again the following two days. Every time, the lines were getting darker. I decided to call my fertility clinic and they had me come in for an HCG beta test at 13DPO. My level was at 98!! I came back 3 days later and it had increased to 350. They said there was no need to keep testing, I was pregnant. I'm still in shock after 9 months of stress and trying, it worked on my first IUI try. I think the combination of multiple eggs and the IUI was the key for us. All along I suspected maybe I was deficient in fertile CM, which would explain this being successful for us. Who knows??! I am now almost 6 weeks and feeling hopeful this is the one. Hope this brings someone some hope as well. I felt so discouraged while trying - but just know it'll happen for you eventually. Stay active, eat healthy and take supplements. I also went to acupuncture to regulate my hormones every month. Don't be afraid to seek out help sooner than later, doctors have lots of things to speed up this process for you.

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