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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

First Ever BFP - 3 years 11 months TTC

Shocked....that is what I am still feeling. I was having the lightest period on record and couldn't understand why my bbs would hurt when DH gave me a hug 6 days in to this very light "period". So I tested. I even used one of my old test because I literaly thought, there is no way its positive and I'm stupid for wasting the money on this test when I'm obviously bleeding. BUT it was positive....WOW. I just want to shout it from the roof tops that I am finally pregnant. It is super early on, I couldn't find a digital test to tell me approximately how far along but if my guess is right we are at 16 days or so. I've messaged my dr to try to schedule a blood test. I want to tell my mom and my sweet SIL who has been extremely supportive of this journey. There are so many people who have been so kind and thoughtful through all of this. However, DH and I agreed we want to see the heartbeat before we tell anyone, including our parents. This is going to be the longest 6 weeks of my life. Now telling the world at large, I'm not saying boo until after the first trimester but not telling the people who have literally rooted me on for the past nearly 4 years is super hard. I'm so stinking excited. I have a feeling I'm going to be less than productive today at work. Focusing will not be my strength through the next few months. You ladies have been a constant support for my ups and downs to full on meltdowns. I pray that this is a sticky baby and that we can meet our baby come this fall but just KNOWING that I can get pregnant, is such a relief I cannot even explain how much. Baby dust to all of you!!!
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Scheduled my appointment and the doctor said I was 4.5-5weeks along. So a bit further than anticipated. Yay!

That's really exciting for you!

A very big congratulations. lot of baby dust to you.

Thank you ladies!

So excited for you! 

Congratulations!! I am curious how light your "period" was and you said 6 days of light bleeding? Can you describe your symptoms more... I am having a very similar situation right now and I'm wondering if I am having AF or IB.

Hey Kristin, Sure! I started spotting 8DPO, it got slightly heavier but only just enough to reach a panty liner but not enough to soak in. It was light pink the entire time with one or two spots of red blood. I had had no cramping leading up to or during this first week, which is not usually how my body works. By the 6th day I was at a gender reveal party and my husband gave me a hug and my bbs hurt when he pressed up against me, so I told him since my period has been so light and my bbs are hurting remind me to test in the morning. I got up, I tested, I legit almost forgot to look at the result before I threw it away because when I went to the bathroom the light bleeding was a tad heavier than it had been when I whiped. Low and behold it was positive, with a clear blue at that. I stopped spotting for about three days and have resumed super light spotting only visible when I whipe and most often after a BM. I had light cramps and what I would consider lower back pressure, not so much pain, for the 3 or 4 days following. I have had intermittent light cramping since but the lower back pressure has gone away. I tested again this Thursday and the tests remain positive. I'm going to keep testing every week until my doctors appointment in mid-March. Good luck!!

Love your story. DH and I have been TTC x2yrs so I can only imagine the emotional high you are on.  I cannot wait to see a BFP!  Here's to your HH9mos! 

Thank you draksa1, I really appreciate it. Good luck to you, truly!

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