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First EVER BFP!!! at 36 years old!

Ladies, first let me say, that I am in complete and total shock as I type this. I have frequented this site on and off for over 10 years and through two husbands (and multiple boyfriends if I'm being honest) I have NEVER been pregnant before, so I really thought I was unable... I just turned 36 on March 14th and my boyfriend is 39... I have tried getting pregnant in the past with opk's, pre-seed, primrose oil, you name it. NO luck. I would like to point out that both of my ex husbands were heavy smokers. My boyfriend with whom I conceived with does not, and never has smoked, although I did on occasion with red wine. SYMPTOMS: I can't really tell you by dpo per say, only that my last period was Feb 11th and I got a VERY dark BFP yesterday afternoon (see photos) Early on around the 7-9dpo I had definite implantation bleeding. Just the slightest, lightest pink when I wiped after peeing, and only once or twice, and only for one day. Definitely caught me off guard a little. Also early on probably 9-11dpo my nipples were BEAMING through my thickest bra, and were sore, but then in the days to follow that went away. and was replaced by the SIDES of my breast hurting BAD. Not normal for me either. My breast always hurt before my period, but not on the sides like that. HEARTBURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG- I am no stranger to heartburn as I get it often anyway, but it kicked up worse than ever a few days before getting the BFP! Cervix position- my boyfriend and I had sex pretty much everyday this month so far, TMI warning (boyfriend is on the "larger side") and I absolutely noticed my cervix stayed way high even though my period was due because sex had never felt better or less painful. Definitely sign something was up, as cervix gets low and intercourse is painful before AF. Biggest sign of all was the day before yesterday 3-20-17 in the morning I was slightly queasy on and off, not severe but noticeable, I also had a very noticeable metallic taste in my mouth, furthermore, I was SO exhausted, that I struggled through my work day, came home and passed out on my bed, shoes still on for 3+ hours. When I woke up from my nap, the though of wine or anything I'd usually partake in, repulsed me.... I tested the next day, in the afternoon because my best friend talked me into it.. I used first response, and the second line appeared before I could even set the test down on the counter after peeing on it. I couldn't believe it, and still can't as I have never seen two pink lines before... This was our first month trying, but I have tried in the past with different partners, and with no luck. Best of luck to all of you! Never give up! God Bless. xoxoxoxoxo
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That is amazing, congrats! xoxo

i just got pregnant after 10 years of infertility too!! I am over the moon and I am sure you are!! Congrats on the amazing wonderful news!!!

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