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First IUI success

Hi all,
normally I'm too lazy to register and share my stories (cause ain't nobody got time for that), but I remember that strong annoyance that I felt during my 2ww due to the lack of successful first IUIs stories. Soooo, I feel obliged to share mine ;)
Stats: I am 32 white European, my hubby is 42 mixed carribean and European (probably makes to difference whatsoever, but hey, it's Christmas time off and I have all the time in the world to share every single detail). I am quite healthy with regular cycle and ovulation and as per my GP there was absolutely no reason that I should struggle conceiving. My OTH tho... He drinks a lot, smokes like a chimney and his diet is poor to say the least (still looks like a god tho? Slim and sexy). We've taken it easy for first 3 years of trying for a baby, I kinda monitored my ovulation, he kinda cut down on booze and smokes, but admittedly he could have done more and we could have had more sexy time. After a while I coaxed him into doctors and told him if he doesn't give his 'man fat' for an inspection he is in soooo much trouble! I don't remember the exact stats, but basically he was dehydrated and although his swimmers were fine, he needed to change his lifestyle. But eventually we agreed on trying IUI as after 3 years of trying I was becoming a bit emotionally unmanageable ;)
Last days of October 2016 was the beginning of my normally 31 day cycle, I was told to take Clomid days 2 to 6 (it's a totally different story in itself) and starting from day 14 was monitoring my ovulation. I was told to do the test every morning (another thing that didn't make sense to me), but as you do I was doing the test 3 times a day, just in case you know. It was Saturday day 15 of my cycle that the morning test showed very negative, afternoon test said kinda maybe if you squint your eyes, 6 pm test said- go go go! I mean it was very positive! Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) our clinic is closed on Sundays, so I had to leave them a voice mail, then go to work on Monday and then I was told to come in Monday afternoon (13:00) for the procedure. My OTH filled the pot at home (30 min drive from clinic) and brought it into clinic my 11:00 for them to wash the sperm.
IUI quick and easy 15 min procedure. I've lyed down for about 10 min afterwards and went back to work.
Now, me and my other half agreed not to get our hopes up, because I've had plenty false positive symptoms in the past ;) you know what I mean! When that Indian takeaway from the night before feels just like implantation cramps or surely that itchy left knee must mean something. Madhouse I know.
I felt a bit sensitive a day after IUI, but the remainder of 2 weeks BIG FAT NOYHING. We both even forgot about the whole thing for a bit....I promised myself not to buy any tests until I'm at least a week late, but 3 days before my period due date I stumbled upon a pregnancy test in one of the drawers and I used it just before bed time! Woweeee.... My reaction.... Dog was cowering in the corner looking all confused by my hysterical reaction lol
I am 8 weeks into my pregnancy now, we've seen the heartbeat 6 weeks 4 days into it and I still have to symptoms ;)
The procedure was carried November 17th 2016 we went for an Iui in Leicester fertility centre, East Midlands UK.

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