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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

First post on a forum - hope it helps somone

I promised myself I wouldn't become one of those who obsessed about ttc. It didn't work. Turns out I'm a bit of a control freak and, somehow, reading these boards made me feel more in control over something which we seemingly have no control over. It's still early days so I'm trying not to get too excited but yesterday I got a bfp the second month of trying. I realise how lucky this is and only put a dpo story here because I hope it will help someone else. Here goes: I have had roughly a 31 day cycle +/- 3 days or so since coming off the pill in February. I decided not to temp (although was planning to next month if didn't get a bfp this month) but instead used a period tracker, which I've been using since I came off the pill and monitored CP and CM. Last month we timed DTD around O but only every other day or so and I'm pretty sure I O'd when my DH was away with work so bfn. This month DTD cd 9, 12, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26. It was exhausting, I'm not going to lie!! -2 dpo lots of clear, watery cm, high and open CP DTD -1 dpo lots of clear, watery cm, high and open CP DTD o - clear, watery cm, a little ewcm. DTD Pain in lower abdomen that evening, like a really heavy pressure (presume O) 1dpo - clear, watery cm, a little ewcm. Pain continued until lunch time. After that things pretty much calmed down. Less cm that afternoon but DTD that evening just in case. 2dpo - slightly sore boobs. DTD just in case but cm turning sticker, CP lower. 3dpo - slightly sore boobs (presumed this was related to ovulation) 4dpo - slightly sore boobs, slight cramps. CM has completely dried up. I mean bone dry. CP high. 5dpo- slightly sore boobs, slight cramps. No CM at all. CP VERY high 6dpo - slightly sore boobs, extreme pain in pubic bone that evening. This is really hard to describe but the left-left hand side of my pubic bone (groin) ached and was actually tender to the touch. Sometimes the pain moved underneath it. Sometimes it felt like it was coming from the inside and sometimes from the outside but it felt like I had been kicked. The area around what I presume is my left ovary was also very sore. No CM. CP VERY high. 7dpo - Pain in pubic bone and cramps until lunchtime. tmi but on checking CP I noticed brown cm. Stuck some tp up there for a better inspection and there was more but really very dry cm. That evening I had sharp, stabbing pains in boobs. 8dpo - bfn. boobs definitely hurting more. CP VERYhigh. No CM. 9dpo - boobs very painful. Feels like someone is squeezing them really hard from the inside mainly on sides and on tops. This pain was completely different to the slight pain felt around ovulation. That afternoon checked CP and saw brown again. Stuck tp up - tiny pink blood and some brown cm 10 dpo - same breast pain. That evening bfn. Cramps, mainly on left side but sometime on the right, like the edge of groin. 11 dpo - same breast pain. Decided not to test as was running out of tests. Same cramps. 12 dpo - Same cramps. Sore breasts still. I should say that these cramps feel less like af is coming and more like O pain. Caved that evening BFP on FRER. Very tired but worke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. 13 dpo - Woke up and wanted to check it wasn't a dream/false positive so used a supermarket brand blue dye test. BFP. Starting to feel quite light-headed today. I have low blood pressure to begin with so will have to see how that goes. The tell-tale thing was the sore boobs really. The IB also worked timing-wise but I'd read loads about getting creamy CM and a high CP and I was bone dry. Only now on cd30 am I starting to get some CM again. I hope it's helped someone. Thanks to everyone who posted their stories. Good luck to everyone.


Thank you for sharing. I'm having many of the same symptoms, and got a BFN yesterday at 10dpo, today is 11 and I didn't test, I'm using a Frer tomorrow morning at 12dpo. Fingers crossed. I got a bfp at 10 Dpo with my dear son so that was discouraging yesterday.

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