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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

FX'd! Positive BFP After Two Losses in a Row...

So after two losses back to back (and yes it is possible to conceive almost immediately after a natural miscarriage!) my DH and I started trying again in January 2013... figured it a new year and all! After three successive failed months I was starting to lose hope again, but kept trying... This month I was almost positive at about 6-7 dpo that I was pregnant. Here are my symptoms...

April 6 - +'d on the 4th and the 6th
April 7 - O pains felt on my left ovary. CD 14 for me although I fluctuate anywhere from CD 12 to CD 16. Got a bit snappy with my DP when he didn't want to play this day...figured timing was off and wrote myself off for the month.
1-5 dpo - Nothing to report.
6 dpo - Had a cup of coffee in the AM and thought it tasted off. It was the last pot brewed from the bag so thought it was just old. At night after a bath had a moment that lasted for about 3 minutes where my nips felt like they were burning!
7 dpo - At work by 7am. A little tired though. While sitting in my truck I felt a sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my uterus that last for about a minute and made me actually gasp. Pain disappeared and was replaced by low level cramping for the rest of the day. Fell asleep at work at around 12:30...Went home and had a glass of wine but it tasted terrible! Couldn't drink more than a few sips before tossing the rest!
8 dpo - Restless night. Still have cramping but it's really deep, about three inches below belly button. Stomach feels bloated. Extremely thirsty (I drank 6 big bottle of water) Peed a lot, but figured that it was due to all the water! Nodded off again at work at around noon. Had a training appointment after work at 5 and was absolutely exhausted through my workout. Couldn't seem to get into it...
9 dpo - Still had low level cramping on and off all day. The belt I wear for work was really uncomfortable. BB's now sore to touch only on the sides though I think its sore muscles from my workout the previous day. Noted that the station at work smelled like food, but nobody was eating anything.
10 dpo - Completely off coffee now. Heartburn sets in. I've never had it before, so I had to Google the symptoms to figure out what was up! Still cramping... now really not trying to read into my symptoms because I've done that before and been even more upset when the neg preg test came around. Mild cramping all day. Feels weird to lay on my stomach. Cried when watching 13 Going on
11 dpo - BB's sore all over but not too bad. Hurts on left side of uterus when stretching. Took a warm bath to help with cramps. Don't feel pre AF at all. Fell asleep at around 6:45 in the evening without realizing it! Then after about 11:00 pm tossed and turned all night long! Debated with myself to take a test in morning. Got up twice to pee in the night...
12 dpo - Still not sure about taking test, don't wanna jinx myself! I break down and POAS with FMU...voila! second line pops up and here come attempt number three!

I am really exited but terrified. I won't get really happy until after 8 weeks. Both of my other MCs happened at that mark... so wish me luck ladies! Baby dust to you all!


Congratulations! Same thing happened to me last year, 2 missed miscarriages in a row (enlarged yolk sac both times at 8 weeks and 9 weeks but didn't find out until closer to 10 weeks). You give me hope! Best of luck and hope you have a very sticky, happy and healthy 9 months! Congrats again! :-)

Good luck! I hope this one sticks for you!

I'm sure you already looked into it, but when I got to the part that said you have to wear an uncomfortable belt for work a red flag went up in my mind... Have you checked to make sure this is safe while preg? I hope this one sticks for u!

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