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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

God + Clomid =BFP

I have been reading these BFP stories and they have given me hope in my time of sadness and depression. Thank you ladies. I am 27 and for the most part had irregular and painful periods. I went on bc pills to regularize it and reduce extreme cramps. It worked but my cycles kept getting shorter and shorter, so I came off. No bc pills, regular periods but no pregnancy. In total, I was actively trying to conceive for five years, in the latter part of the third year of trying, I was sent for an HSG. It was discovered that my right tube was blocked as the dye couldn’t pass through (the examination was very painful at this point). So I was scheduled for a lap surgery in the year of 2012. It was successful and I decided that I would wait a year to try again, because I wanted to finish up grad school. I restarted in March of 2013 and I kept getting negatives. So I went back to my gynae for a checkup, where he scheduled me for another HSG. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as painful as the first time, I figured because my tubes were clear. The dye went through and I was diagnosed as NORMAL. I brought the results to my gynae and he said “well it seems you may not be ovulating the way you should” so he prescribed clomid 50 on cycle day 2-6. AF came December 22 (but DH was a little disappointed on Christmas night) and I started clomid on the 23, I was in high spirits (couldn’t wait for the days to count down and be gone with). I was feeling extremely happy when the week ran off, then came some serious headaches, extremely high body temp (not ovulation), crazy dreams. Ovulated on January 3, 2014, BD every night from Dec 30 til Jan 2, DH was tired, so he rested and we BD on the 5th. I started getting paranoid, though I knew that a male’s sperm can last for up to five days inside. Then here come cramps and more weird dreams. I didn’t log my symptoms (thought it would be bad luck, but I mentally kept a log). So this is what I mentally recorded: 1-3 DPO Felt normal but felt like I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen 4 DPO Cramping (thought crap! AF is out to get me early this month….started to worry that clomid had changed my somewhat normal cycle) 5 DPO Extreme cramping and couldn’t sleep on my sides and DH really worried. 6 DPO Severe cramping thought that AF was coming for sure (felt like my first menstrual period). 7 DPO Extreme headache, severe cramping, tender boobs, extremely tired (definitely not me, I’m like an energizer bunny) and angry at DH (again not me). 8 DPO Extreme cramping, headache subsides, tired, bloated (thinking yup definitely AF, but praying it wasn’t) 9 DPO Same as 8DPO but decided to do a home pregnancy test BFN (:-( was definitely thinking I had missed my chance and would have to go again the next month) 10- 13 DPO Same as 8DPO and decided not to test again and just wait for AF take over (extremely depressed, couldn’t even find the courage to read any more BFP stories). That night I prayed even harder for a New Year’s and birthday gift that I longed for. 14 DPO (Jan 17, 2014) Extreme cramping, bloated and decided to do a home pregnancy test again (though I said I wouldn’t). Watched as the control line came up and no test line, I burst into tears asking God why this again…….then, is that a line, a very faint test line? I decided not to read into it. I showered for work and after showering I looked again. It was definitely a faint line, so I thought to myself what a weird, twisted joke if the test was invalid. I went through work with the faint line on my mind. Later that evening I grabbed about five more pregnancy tests and headed home. I made sure I skipped a few times I had to go. Sure enough when I reached home and did the first one, the line was still faint but darker…..yup confirmed it my BFP!!!!!!! Did two the next day, one in the morning and one in the evening and was praying the whole time not to see the negative that I am used to. It’s now the 19th of January and my last test lines have gotten darker. It feels so good and God answered my prayer when I least expected it. I’m due for an appointment on Tues January 21 for my blood test to officially confirm that I am indeed on my way to becoming a mummy :-)I will definitely keep you all posted. To each and every one trying to get their BFP, there are going to be times when you’re really depressed and you feel you are the only one out there not getting the chance to carry a baby while everyone else is having babies, but God will give you yours in due time. You have to become strong, be patient and be positive. It happened for me on the first try with clomid and DH and I are beyond happiness. KEEP TRYING ladies!!!!! I hope my little bean sticks and BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!! P.S. Sorry for such a long BFP story but I wanted to share everything and I want to read more BFP stories.
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Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been TTC for over three years (with a break like you) and this was really nice to read. I love reading these but sometimes feel more down when I read how people have only been trying for a couple of months before their BFP. So thank you for this-It gives me hope. Good luck and praying for a happy and healthy 9 months for you! -Sunny

Wow...ur story is amazing. It inspires me to have faith in God as i'm struggling since last four years without any luck. Unexplained and waiting for His blessing. Have H&H 9 monhs!

Sunny.....thank you, I have gone through extreme lows where reading (esp those who've bfp after a couple tries) had made me feel as if my body was not designed to make or carry babies. I was extremely depressed but there were other bfp stories which literally kept me sane.    Tagra....Thank you. Without God believe me, none of this would be possible. I knew I had a tough one so I gave it to him to work miracles. Pray and hope for great faith and with him all things are possible.  I am happy that my story was inspiration to you both and I wanted to share my experience so bad with others to let them know that it is quite possible. I want you to keep in touch and tell me everything because I know your miracles are right around the corner. As I have learnt sometimes you are in the wrong environment or your state of mind is extremely negative which brings stress and this may cause your body not to perform the way it should. My break also I think helped in some way because I gave my body time to get back to somewhat normal before trying again.  But to be honest I would be devastated if it was negative although I would have continued trying.  I know it will happen awaiting your BFP stories :-)  

Thank you so much for your positive and motivating story. It really helped me tonight...just what I needed to hear. I'm taking Clomid for the first time..I'm on day 4 of 5...tomorrow is the last day and I can't wait. Ugh - dont like this Clomid at all! I feel i cant focus...bloating and gassy...I feel a little moody but not off the wall as I have read in some stories. I'm praying this first cycle works...I don't know if I can take it again. I'm praying and trying to stay positive..been depressed for a long time because I'm 43 and have never had the one thing I want most in the whole world...a child. All the best to you and your new baby! very happy for you;)

I know it can be frustrating and I pray for you that it works. Believe me when it happened for me I wasn't stressing as I did the other months. Have faith and pray hard. Everything is possible through God. Maybe you won't need to take it again. Tell me how it went.    Wishing you lots of BABY DUST!!!!!!!

Conngratulations to you and yours. I am very encouraged by your story. I pray will you have a successful term and delivery.

Thank you very much. Everyday I pray that everything goes well and that I will have a healthy nine months and delivery. So terrified but I know God will see me through, everything has been good so far but symptoms are a kicker, loving them though. I'm glad my story was an encouragement, God gave me it to share with anyone who knows what it feels like to get a disappointing result on a pregnancy test or who doesn't know the joys of motherhood.  All the best to you.

congrats sis.and thank u for tht success story its has really given me hope,because am going through e same signs as urs and was even i couldnt made it dis cycle,am at day 5 after ovulation,wth dis i know all is not lost Yet.thanks wil keep u guys posted

Your story is a true inspiration! My dh and I have been ttc for over a year and 2 days ago I took my last clomid pill. Hopefully, we will time ovulation and get a bfp. I'm praying everyday that God will bless me this month and it will be the best birthday present. I get so discouraged especially when people are getting pregnant left and right. Please pray for me and have a wonderful and blessed pregnancy and birth.

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