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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

got a BFP at 45 with 2 nd IUI please don't loose your hopes

Hi Everybody, I have been seeing fertility specialists and heard similar stories that for my age it is not possible to get pregnant with my eggs but donor eggs (Which was very stressful to hear because I did not have any babies ) and my chances are 1%. I was hopeful and determined so I did not give up my hopes- infact I told the Doctor and Nurse that "I feel I am going to get pregnant" for more than my belief I was just hoping that they would stop any discouraging words when I say so :) I believe in self confidence, nothing works for me without it. If you ladies would like to know anything about tww and other little tips I followed I am glad to share 'cos its too much to mention here. I was diagnosed with a uterus polyp and the doctor recommended me to do a laporascopy to remove the polyp and me and my DH was very nervous but that was the best decision I ever made in this journey. Right after the lap I did the 1 st IUI and the next cycle which is the 2 nd IUI in which I got pregnant.I prayed everyday and cried asking for a one baby regardless of all negative comments from fertility specialists and nurses.


I am going in for laparoscopy on 24 ..I had a stillborn last year oct and been trying even since no luck ..did you take any vitamin along with iui..

Congratulations! Did you take any supplements or have acupuncture etc? I imagine that despite your age and what the dr's were saying, your eggs must have been in pretty good shape?  I ask as age is not on my side. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Hey congrats, H&H 9 months. I get demotivated so soon, I should imbibe some positive vibes from you xx God bless you my dear TTC friend!!

Congratulations on your BFP! Sending positive vibes and energy your way!

Oh wow... This is SO encouraging! Congratulations!!!!! Glory to God Almighty! I too just had a polyp removed from my uterus. I'm 40. I am going straight into IVF... Re: "...If you ladies would like to know anything about tww and other little tips I followed I am glad to share 'cos its too much to mention here." Yes, please share! You can send me a private message or post here. Thank you. And, have a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth!

Thanks for all encouraging comments and I wish you all the very best. Let me tell you that I owe so much to this site because this is the site I visited often in my silent battle with cries- When I had nobody to talk to. I shared my feelings with almost no one because I knew that nobody would believe/encourage that I'd get pregnant at this age. Whenever the topic comes up ( no kids at 44) they bring up encouraging terms to uplift me (was very discouraging to me) . My Aunt (mothers sister), close female friends, cousins etc was telling all over that its better off without kids so you can enjoy life etc. and they use to tell me the trouble of coping with teenagers etc. etc. Regardless, all I wanted was a one encouraging word but the society is not so optimistic. And again the loved ones and even the doctors didn't want to give hopes so I would not fall apart if I were to fail. So..... in this very silent battle, I was visiting online sites and learning what each symptom meant to me....and the experience was rewarding. Now I am taking time to sit own and write down details for your questions. I never thought that I would be blessed to return the favor but thankfully here I am. I wrote down all the little symptoms for tww I will list it tomorrow once I gather all notes. yes, I was on vitamins during my IUI. In fact I was taking multivitamins for the last 10 years (Brand name is "equate" one daily from Walmart). For the pregnancy, I have been taking prenatal (Brand name ELEVIT with iodine ) and fish oil (one tablet daily) for the last 3 months. Let me tell you that every fertility specialist agreed (only when I ask ) that Fish oil (OMEGA-3) plays some trick on implantaion or the whole pregnancy thing, so please pay attention to it. Laporascopy is a magical solution in my case so please go forward it was a smooth procedure I felt no pain at all. I paid twice the money for a good doctor because it was one of the crucial life decisions that determined my chances of becoming a mother. Truly, for me this whole journey was like to study hard, prepare well and taking an exam and waiting for results. This was the most nervous exam I ever took :) 1) I took off from work just to be a mother as I have been too busy for the last 20 years working in IT 2) I went to the library and read every book about fertility, noted down special food that affect fertility and implantation 3) I went for acupuncture 4 times (once a week) prior to my laporascopy and after the laporascopy so few days before my IUI The acupuncturist told me how it affects...... It will improve the blood circulation to my uterus and therefore it will help fertilization, implantation and make my uterus healthy at least for the time being. 4) Acupuncturist mentioned about a magical dandelion root a herb so I bought DANDELION HERBAL TEA from the grocery and had it after meals like at least one every other day. 5) I have been very open with every female I came across and I think they are the greatest resource...For example I asked questions about what food not to eat or to eat from my nurse who took my blood tests in a friendly manner to share her experiences. Also I shared things that's not easy to discuss about issues with DH during IUI fertility period bd etc. lol .I think every little thing helped me. 6) I did colon cleansing about 3 months prior to my IUI treatment because my friends told me that at my age the body could carry full of toxins so I listened to them and started on Green Tea as well. 7) I have stopped taking ANY coffee/latte since last 3 months and I feel so good- instead I bought a juicer (nutri bullet ) and started taking a fruit juice every day. Also I heard/read that Soy milk/ Soy products are against conception so please pay attention to it as I completely stopped taking soy milk ( I have been a fan for over 15 years and regret) 8) I am listing all the food I read from books and people and from trusted sites. These were the overlapping food so must be the right ones to consider I guess :) These were copied from my shopping list from my diary for the last 2 months.. Some of these were rich in Iron,folate (folic acid), some helped for good eggs or to conceive or its fertilization and the rest helped during implantation. Some of the antioxidants like berries and Green tea may have been helped remove toxins. Having a polyp I was more focusing on food that helped implantation.So all these play a role in some phase so decide on what you want to focus more....... Spinach, Avacados, sesame seeds, strawberry, blueberry, Dandelion tea,lots of nuts (hazel nuts, cashews) and milk (plain white milk), kale leaves, Red kidney beans, yams, beans,Green Tea, broccoli sprouts, All kinds of berries ,prunes, raisins,almonds,sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds. As a daily habit, I had a home made fruit juice every morning (water melon, oranges,strawberries, bananas) In my case, the body temperature is too high always even from my teenage years (DH says I am so hot to touch like a piece of fire wood ha ha) So according to eastern medicine (Ayurvedic) I have heard that regardless of what we do, if the body temperature is too high the implantation fails and they suggested to drink SAGO seeds. So I bought SAGO seeds boiled it in boiling water and drank with some sugar.It was like a porridge very cooling as you swallow you feel it really.. I had sago drink every day morning from the first day of IUI upto 14 th day past IUI. I did a home test on 15 Days passed IUI and got BFP and did not do any test prior to that. My nurse had ordered the blood test for the next day. I will list TWW symptoms in detail later but they were the common ones we see everywhere, but there was one tiny symptom that first hinted me of pregnancy as early as 6 DPIUI to 14 DPIUI on and off. This tiny symptom the one I never felt before (THE MOST PROMINENT TWW SYMPTOM other than the common/misleading progesterone symptoms we all have experienced) was the pulling/pinching or burning feeling around belly button or below belly button.I also felt like a pulling sensation like a rubber band in my tummy). So keep it as a hint :) I googled on that when I first felt it and I was sure I was pregnant but hey I am telling it to you for the first time. I told my DH only after I saw the BFP on 15 DPIUI that I was pregnant !! I forgot to tell you one last thing.. remember I prayed to god everyday morning and before going to bed that asking for help for me to become a mother and I hope that helped too. Please let me know if you have any specific question I am glad to share with you. I will list simple facts I followed

I am 45 and been trying a and praying for 7, years. Numbers are all good except low side if normal sperm count. Just failed 2nd iui but believe it will happen. What else did you do? I need my breakthrough soon

Congratulations, and praying that yo get healthy baby. We are also trying and in tww period now.Praying to the LORD that this time He bless us with child.

After getting married late in life and believing God for a family for more than two decades, my dh and I conceived twice at age 42 and 43. Unfortunately, both ended in a miscarriage. Five Obgyns were completely unhelpful, refused to run tests on progesterone or consider my low normal thyroid numbers as a fertility issue. They told me they would test after a third miscarriage only. A fertility Dr confirmed at age 44 my thyroid was too low and prolactin levels too high. My progesterone was consistently low also. All were treated with low dose medicine. We tried two iui's with 50mg of clomid and ultrasound. I read fertility meds are not encouraged for women over 40. It can over cook eggs. DID YOU HAVE A MEDICINE FREE IUI? We need to decide by tomorrow if we are trying another iui this month. Like you, the fertility staff keep speaking discouraging statistics and reminding me of my age each and every blood draw or exam. I feel drained each visit. We are believing God will provide for us. Praying for our breakthrough. I would lie if I didn't say it isn't a major fight of faith and a lonely journey. I forgot to mention the only fertility clinics in my area told me they would only use donor eggs for Ivf. It's not what we want. By the way, ladies, read about Dr John Zhang of new hope fertility in NY. He has advanced technology used for women over 40. 47 and 49 yr old used their eggs and had live births. Thank you again for encouraging me with your testimony. May God grant all of you your hearts desire. Wombs open. Amen!

Congrats to you ! To God be the glory ! I'm praying that you have a great pregnancy. I naturally conceived at age 42 and doctors/nurses were like you are lucky and I was like that is not luck.... I'm blessed! Well fast forward when at almost 6 months pregnant I was diagnosed with the HELLP syndrome (felt fine other than a little discomfort at the top part of my stomach) thought it was due to my age (then 43) and overweight. I was immediately placed in the hospital and was induced (only way to get rid of HELLP) so we lost our daughter due to the medicine I was given. Heartbreaking !! Nightmare !! My husband and I also got married later in life and started going to infertility docs. All tests are fine. My AMH is lower but it is normal for someone in their 40s. Tried clomid (days 3-7) and 3 IUIs. Waiting to do pregnancy test on 10/22 (which is our 4th wedding anniversary). Breasts are sore now, had a little pain on left side a couple of days ago. Praying for a positive test next week. The Lord truly knows what we have been dealing with. I think the fertility dr is money hungry (also heard the negative stats of women conceiving on their own at my age (now 44) with my own eggs. They were pushing for donor eggs which we cannot afford (insurance will not cover) nor do we want to go that route. Putting my faith in God not these doctors because they do not know everything nor do they have control over everything that happens in life. Please keep us in our prayers and we will do the same. Sending positive thoughts to each of you trying to conceive and/or are pregnant. Any advice is much appreciated !

Hi Everyone, it is so heart warming to read everyone's experiences and to know that l am going though the same here too. I am 41 and never been on the pill but failed to conceive naturally and in Sept 2014 DH and I decided to see a FS. AMH was 1 therefore doc suggested IVF. I started Lucrin, then Cetrotide and then Menopur.. only had 2 follicles, 10 and 18mm so we had to stop IVF. Had IUI on Monday the 12th and waiting patiently for good news. I started Utrogestan twice a day from Tuesday. Today is my 5th day and I had a bit of pink early this morning and nothing again. Used Utrogestan as normal this morning but there was no bleeding on the applicator... not sure what this means but keeping all fingers crossed. Any advice or support will be appreciated... Good luck to everyone... will be praying for you too

Could you tell us how long after your laparoscopy you got pregnant please? Thank you and congratulations!

How long after your laparoscopy did you get your bfp?

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