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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Got my BFP at 2am!

Hey everyone! I kept myself sane reading all your wonderful BFP stories and promised myself I would post mine when I got my BFP. So hubby and I are both 28 and I was previously on the Mirena iud. I got it removed in October of 2017. First cycle was a complete wash because I had a serious case of mirena withdrawal. I don’t think I even ovulated the first cycle. I can honestly say I thought I was going to be out this cycle. I got all my usual PMS symptoms and I couldn’t bring myself to test until CD 35 (5 days late for me) because I couldn’t sleep! The only thing that made me think I could be pregnant was the fact that I was eating pb&j sandwiches and I hate jelly. Also I’m a big coffee drinker and I haven’t had a taste for it all week. So far my symptoms have been gas, cramps, and sore breasts. My cervix has been low and soft for the past 5 days. Good Luck to all of you !


I have just read your BFP story. It is so encouraging. You are among the lucky friends I have seen their stories this year. I have no idea why after Mirena IUD is removed things happen that way. Not to all but I have had several cases including one that was so serious. Lantana had her first child naturally without any struggle. She was not aware what she will suffer in future. I think it was just fate. So she used mirena IUD for FP. After several years, she wanted to try for baby number 2. She was so eager to bring her child a playmate. Unfortunately, it was not forthcoming.She changed her diet, exercise and stopped getting herself stressed. It was all in vain.After consulting the doctor, she was told she is suffering unviable eggs production.After using several supplements, nothing improved. They had to go to Bi ot ex com for IVF procedure. This was after they sent their previous medical report and then booked an appointment. Booking an appointment was so easy over the phone. In less than 24 hours they had their first day confirmed. It was after that they discovered how the facility is equipped with talented scientists who helped them conceive twins after confirming their situation. The rate was very low compared with the facilities here in US. I am happy for them so as you. I wish you a smooth journey to motherhood too

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