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HCG on the fritz

Hi ladies, I'm being spontaneous here, but I wanted to know if anyone is going through similar situation. I had my BFP on 22nd Dec, 2days before missed period and had be testing every few days since as my doctor said I was too early to be booked in possibly just 4weeks, well I retested on 1st Jan and my test was faint, more so then the one on 22nd. I started having bad pains in left groin area on 2nd and went to A&E, they did a HCG level check and it can out at 102miu/ml which was very low for supposedly being 6 weeks, though bearing un mind I have PCOS and ADENOMYOSIS, and my cycles are irregular I averaged my pregnancy to possibly be 5weeks 4days but still, is my HCG too low? I had more blood work done and expect results today, but I'm nervous as the midwife nurses are not ruling out a m/c or ectopic pregnancy. Hcg needs to double. The internal ultrasound showed no gestational sac or embryo which should have been seen if I am infact 6weeks. Has anyone had low hcg and been re-dated in their pregnancy due to bean Making a late appearance,without being ectopic or m/c? I'm praying as I'm feeling empty right now.


Hi there I fell pregnant and had a couple very strong positive HPT, round about 5 weeks I started to bleed and cramp. My doc put me on progesteron tablets incase of a possible mc. I the also tested every day and the HPT line where getting fainter and fainter by the day. My HSG also did not double. I had a mc, 4 days later. :( to me it sounds like a mc. Stay strong

I pray it's not a mc. But only God knows. I have had no bleeding at all....if I am in fact 6weeks this is taking a long time. I had to have my bloods done again today because they lost yesterdays batch so I have to call tomorrow for results. I'm hoping hcg rises. I mean my symptoms have faded a little but I still have tender bbs and groin pain is both sides and tops of thighs. I just hope its not an ectopic pregnancy. My hcg was 102 on the 2nd and today is 5th so I am looking for at least a 400-500

First of all I'm so sorry your dealing with and it is so stressful. I went through this exact thing and alls I wanted is somebody to be brutally honest with me! This sounds exactly like what happend to me and I did m/c. There's always a small chances bc ppl are all different but the fact that a pregnancy test usually picks up at 25 and assuming that was your number it should almost double every couple days your number should be higher. I did the same thing u obsess and go online looking for the perfect answer but unfortunately what's going to happen will happen regardless of how many stories u read. It's horrible to have to deal with and sorry if this happens and I'm sorry u have to feel this stressed! Stay strong and good luck!

Hi dear I'm aware dat ur hurting right now but stressing urself ain't doing da baby gud. Most pregnancies early don't always show in ultrasound n da fact dat u got a bfp pls relax I knw it sound easier said than done bt dis is wat u need 2do. So if u can try resting on ur left or put ur butt against da wall lay on ur back n keep ur legs alavated to inc blood flow to ur uteras n try to move ur mind away from negative thoughts. Stressing urselft asking wat u coud hav done and honestly da best thing 2do 4ur baby ryt now is 2relax da more I say dis da more ur thinking asking urself how its hard! Its not hard its ur mind saying its hard pls calm ur body doing wat I asked u and think happy thoughts u'll be fine it doesn't start or end by uda best u can do is how u set ur reaction, react positive and everything will be positive in ur eyes :* I'll be checking on u. If u can try doing yoga It usually balances da body by relaxing it. U'll be fine ok...

Dear Please update how it all turns out n don't be alone in dis I knw maybe its hard 4ur husband to comfort u as u need, woman understands another woman better cos som things we don't always share wit them cos somtyms they dnt knw how to comfort us in a way we need. So I'll be here if u wana talk u can email me I dnt knw much bt wat I do knw is dat ur pain I understand. I'll tell u my story also hopefully it will be ok I really wish u success u and every woman out there who needs this, may da Lord be wit us all I wish u all da best blessings u need :) My email is anyone wanting 2chat we'll talk by email or watsap me ur contacts we'll motivate each other n help each other in dis proccess of ttc. All the best.

Aaffiyah thank you for your words, beautiful name by the way, unfortunately my miscarriage has officially started tonight. I tried convincing myself in still preg but after work today, my body had other ideas. Ive posted a new blog called MC has started, that explains my experience so far. I will note your email. Thank u for your support. Thank you everyone. I appreciate you all.

How ru doing? Please tell us! Hoping all is welllll

Please know this is completely honest, and no one has forced me to write this. I am a 37 year old woman who has been trying for 9 years to get pregnant I finally got pregnant 2 weeks after I contacted priest Iyare on his website It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system I got pregnant naturally at age 37& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. I had zero side effects.. God bless you and reward you. I HIGHLY recommend this product!" Margaret From USA

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