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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

hi again! 2nd chance draw!

for some reason my 1st attempt at posting my bfp never materialised haha?
so, ... For those that are interested!

3 yrs+trying , 1 mc 8 months ago after honeymoon,

jussssst wrapped up all the IVF testing, not tracking anything, had a couple of welcome home from France drinks with the girls,home made port, of all things, had spas, totally thought I was currently totally barren until we started IVF, lol... big mistake! had implantation bleeding the doc tell me because my first pg test said 3+ weeks and my hcg puts me around 6 to 7 weeks last week at 8500.... so once again for The second Time we put IVF on hold and cross our fingers!
happy, excited and feeling more positive about this one, last time my hcg didn't get past 466 before losing puff and dropping which was really sad and stressful. but I'm going for a dating scan in ten days so I'll update you all then! (hold on tight in there little bean or I'll kick your ass! haha!) we really wanna meet this one!

love alexandra



Great hcg number. Can't wait for the update.

first ultrasound this coming Wednesday! I should be around 8 weeks or just on .... but my ms has dissapeared so I'm a little nervous. we shall see

So far so good, saw and heard the LO's heartbeat at a healthy 138bpm. Measures at 7 weeks now and is apparently not quite the size of a jelly bean the ob says. I ovulated from the side with no fallopian tube too (corpus luteum was confirmed by ultrasound)
So my other good tube reached and picked up the egg he says. "Weird but not impossible" Ob said. Theres hope for all us unitubers yet! Our bodies compensate girls! Keep the faith!

CONGRATS!! I am a unituber myself lol. I am sooo happy for you!! Keep us posted!! Much love, Anaïs

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