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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

History of Ov. Cysts/Preg. First Try!

In February I found out I had several ovarian cysts, one of which ruptured and the other that had
grown from the size of a golf ball to the size of a tangerine in one month. Drs said BCP would help
but DH and I wanted to begin TTC soon, so I wouldn't get on them until the cyst starting growing.

I did and then got a normal period, after which I stopped taking them. My sister is the queen of
getting pregnant, knows all the tricks, and told me to stop taking Advil and take only Tylenol as
needed and also stressed the importance of PreSeed as a lube since it imitates CM.

I also read Taking Charge of Your Fertility which tells you things to look for in your body so you'll
know when your ovulating. I also bought an OPK with 20 test strips and tested daily with my first
AM urine--it never gave me a fully dark line, but lines were darker the week around my ovulation
so DH and I practiced baby making every day for about 9 days straight. Exhausting? Yes, more for
him than me but we did it and I think that has a lot to do with our success because you don't risk
missing your ovulation.

When I tested and got my BFP yesterday and confirmed today at Drs office. I was elated! I've been
told b/c of cysts and retroverted uterus I may have trouble conceiving. And I just knew we should
start b/c it may take us forever! But that's all I can think of--PreSeed, daily sex, the book and the

I was also POSITIVE AF was coming b/c of the horrendous cramping I've had for about a week--it
has been WORSE than pre-menstrual cramps actually--don't believe it when you hear implantation/
early cramps are mild--they were so bad I couldn't stand straight when I got one lightning flash of
them two nights ago and someone I know had them throughout her entire first trimester that bad.

Anyway, hereare my symptoms:

3dpo=super soft areolas, extremely tired
4dpo=soft areolas and slightly sore breasts but not bad
5dpo=same as 4dpo 6dpo=soft areolas, heartburn, sore breasts and strangely enough, slight
random itching over body
7dpo=soft areolas, heartburn, sore breasts, HORRIBLE itching (thought it was an allergy and had to
put Caladryl over my whole body) and slight cramping
8dpo=no itching, heartburn, sore breasts, still soft areolas and horrible cramping
9dpo=itching on back and ribcage, could not sleep and when I did couldn't stay asleep, heartburn,
Breasts so sore I couldn't wear a bra or sleep on my stomach (I should note that I felt no zings in my
boobs like many women report, just very sore all around, not just on my nipple area). Cramping was
so bad I called in sick for work and was worried ovarian cysts had come back!
10dpo=Awful cramping (at 8 and 9dpo it did what it did this day and got much worse at night), again
I couldn't sleep and was up half the night, very sore breasts still and soft areolas, bad heartburn
12dpo=same--cramping so bad it was radiating down my legs

On some days I also had headaches, but not sure if they were related or not. I have never had
cramping like this unless it was related to ovarian cysts but Dr today says that's not what it is, that
some women just have really bad early cramping. Boobs less sore today but had gotten extremely
sore. Funny thing is, I've had no nausea at all, just heartburn every day.

Good luck to everyone and don't give up! 

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