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Hope for those with Adenomyosis

I have been on this site for 5 years and had just about given up hope prior to seeing my first EVER BFP. I just wanted to share my story to give hope and maybe advice to anyone out there with adenomyosis who thinks there is not a chance. Background.. I am 38, husband is 32. His results were “excellent,” but I have suffered with adenomyosis and endometriosis, which become noticeable around age 26. After several procedures to reduce the endo, still we had no luck. We did 5 IUI’s and nothing. Finally in February we did an IVF cycle with our one lonely (but beautiful according to RE) embryo. I got the worse period ever on March 15th of this year and was devastated beyond belief. Prior to IVF, they gave me one shot in the behind of Lupron-Depot to put me in a menopausal state for 3 months. I believe this is the reason for my recent BFP. The RE said my uterus looked really good after those three months and I did see it on the ultrasound and couldn’t spot any of those nasty large blood pockets. The very next cycle after IVF I ovulated 2 weeks late and instead of my period, FINALLY got that big beautiful BFP! I’m not sure if the hormone meds for ovulation had anything to do with it, but I strongly believe the menopause treatment played a huge part in my BFP. I didn’t have many symptoms besides my temperature remaining at a low grade fever (and still is)… 1-7 DPO – Nothing, EXCEPT: 5 DPO – Felt very sharp pinch front and center of my uterus. So much so that I doubled over. My husband happened to be standing next to me. I just attributed it to my normal awful cramps and impending AF. 8 DPO – Very faint bpf (dollar store cheapie, thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me!) couldn’t wait, took a FRER, faint BFP popped right up! 10 DPO – headache, a little irritable 12 DPO – another headache, seems to be after I eat. And I am still crossing my fingers and waking up each morning in SHOCK that I am ACTUALLY PREGNANT. I finally stopped testing about a week and a half ago so as not to keep wasting money… but after never seeing one, I have to admit I very much enjoyed peeing on all varieties of sticks and watching the test line become so dark the control line almost disappeared. :) I am 8 weeks, 2 days today, first appointment is 6/2.. trying not to tell anyone other than our parents (and my sister who was seriously considering being our surrogate) until after 12 weeks but after so long, this is the hardest secret ever to keep!


I'm so excited for you! I've been stalking this site for the past year trying to find encouragement. I have stage 4 endo and was just recently diagnosed with adenomyosis as well. Hubby and I have been trying on our own for a year. Just had my first IUI though, which was medicated, and I'm in the tww right now. I had pinching, sharp pains just like what you describe on 5dpo and I'm really hoping it's good news!! Thanks for giving me hope and I wish you the happiest, healthiest 9 mos!

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