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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Hurray Hurray Hurray BFP!

I still honestly can't believe it and keep looking back at my test to check that it is real. However, it's there, it's a second line and it is definitely red. By way of background we have been TTC for 10 months and I was booked in for a first fertility appointment at the end of this month. I now get to cancel that and couldn't be happier. I have suffered a lot with irregular cycles that are anywhere between 28 days and about 70 days. In October 2012 I had an abnormal smear test and ended up having a quick procedure in November to remove some pre-cancerous cells. The woman doing the procedure mentioned that you can't try for a month after the procedure but she was certain I would be pregnant within a few months of that. This is only the second time I have ovulated since having that procedure so I suppose she was right! In January 2013 I invested in a duo fertility temperature monitor so you know exactly when you ovulate and it give you a lot of help and support. Not sure which countries they are available in but if you have irregular cycles they are a lot of help as you can see everything that is happening throughout your cycle. It is the only reason I know that I am today 11dpo despite being on CD 40. OK- on to symptoms Have had really sore boobs almost all of the way through the TWW (from about day 3 or 4). So much so that they have actually been waking me up at night when I move in bed. Also have had a pretty good sense of smell from about 8DPO onwards. Other than that nothing except that elusive second line on the test today. Keep going girls and never give up.
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