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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I am in complete shock....a little denial maybe!

So.....ive been stalking this site on and off for a cpl years....I didnt think we would get pregnant so fast....we were being careless since january kind of thinking eh if it happens it will and not worrying about ovulating, just making love when it felt right..but for some reason as soon as we did that, thats when i got pregnant. I am supposed to be going to vegas in april for a bachelorette party, camping, motorcycle riding.........all of that and i thought theres no way wed get pregnant this quick ( we r both 33) anyways........this month i just decided not to care, I had yearned for pregnancy soooo bad and then I thought ya know what it will if it will.....and i was looking forward to partying and having fun! Anyways cut to today, cd 41 and i decided to finally test after being late, was sure it would be negative....blaring fast BFP....I am in shock, i cant believe we made a human! Its early and im being cautious and not letting myself get too excited but....WOW. So heres how it went.... I think i ovulated somewhere between the 16th of feb and the 22nd. We were in a hotel on the 22nd I had ewcm that day and we also happen to make hotel love that day....Since then no symptoms that were out of ordinary until cd 30, where in I had thought huh i guess ididnt ovulate this month because my breasts werent sore at all.....Starting cd 32 , just pms style cramps....figured AF was on her way. Then i started having HOT FLASHES and feeling clammy all the time, then normal 35 boobs started hurting a lot, from there on out here are the symptoms for all ya spotters! Since about 8dpo ( i felt nothing measurable beforehand) here are my symptoms, in order of when they started Hot flashes at all times and feeling clammy at night Sore breasts....only hurt super bad with a bra on but didnt start until cd 35 or so mild mild nausea (got worse today after my bfp) On and off period cramps THIRSTY like hell CD 40 & 41 feels like i have a lump in my throat and its kind of sore running out of breath when i talk and exercise and for the last 4 days SUPER SEXUAL DREAMS Basically everything ive ever felt before....minus the dreams, sore throat and being winded. All of my symptoms are just like my pms if you are having those, dont feel too out until it happens. I held off peeing on a stick until today cd 41 i was too scared! I decided to do it today and oh man......we are both like wow? right now? ok! lol GOOD LUCK and dont lose hope!

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