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I cant Believe it!

So we've been TTC for a few months now, with m/c in Januaray. This cycle we went on vacation to Cuba for a week. The week we were away was my O time. We used PreSeed the whole time we were away and yesterday morning I got my BFP! I retested again this morning with a brand name test to be sure. So I guess I need to make a doctors appointment!! Is it normal to be scared? Im mostly so worried about money and not working for a year. I went to school to be able to have a decent job but with school comes a school loan and I have a car payment. I hope that were financially ready. I guess if were not itll have to do.



Congratulations! I don't have any personal experience as of yet being a mom, but I have watched my friends and family raise their babies, and support does come. It will be okay! Wishing you a healthy and very happy 9 months of pregnancy!

I mean no offense, but if you were worried about being financially stable and knowing the other things you are responsible for, why would you ttc.

Congrats hun, don't worry you will never be financially ready for kids unless your like a millionaire lol and as for student loans it comes to an end 1 day..just do like most of us budget, save & learn how to use coupons lol :)

Ugh @'Anon' If we all waited til the 'right' time we were financially ready there would be no babies! My entire family through generations have had kids in their early twenties with next to no assets but worked their butts off and enjoyed having a little fam. Money is money, and there is no perfect time, as a long as you have a roof over your heads and eat well you'll be fine! Plus things aren't quite as expensive for the first 5 years so you've got time to get a game plan happening. Plus hopefully you've got a supportive family who will help you work it all out. Happy and healthy 9months xx

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