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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I cant believe it happened! Giving hope to plus 35 years old TTCing

Hello wonderful women, I have spend countless hours on this website symptom spotting, trying to find clues if I was pregnant or not. So I would like to give back to the community and tell you my journey. I am 37 and we were trying for our first. We were TTC for 8 months. It wasn't a very relaxed process for me. I am a very anxious person and for some reason, I thought that it would never happen to me. My sister is going through her third attempt of IV (because her husband is infertile due to chemo therapy) and I think her infertility issues really made me doubt if it ever was going to happen to me. I felt so sorry for her and for some reason I just assumed that it would be really difficult for us also. Symptoms: I actually realised I was pregnant the day AFTER my period was due (Cycle day 25). What gave it away was that I had really intense breast pains. Especially my nipples. I NEVER had that like this before. That is when I knew that something was different. And then the nausea started. Suddenly I would feel really queezy...especially during sports. My usual PMS cramps suddenly felt different. As if my uterus was expanding...I know that sounds silly...but that is how I felt. Cramps that led to AF felt usually like a ''burning sensation'' near my ovaries. I didn't like alcohol anymore. My beloved glass of red wine just didn't taste that good anymore. I tested on CD 27 and got a negative and then 5 days after my missed period, CD 30, I got an BFP!! Everything else up until the day of my AF was normal. Just like any other cycle. I had the usual PMS cramps...which are actually still here. I felt sad and angry. Got pimples, heavy bloating etc. Lifestyle changes: What is funny is that I actually changed some things in my life a few weeks before the cycle started during which we conceived. I stopped using OPKs (just added to my anxiety and I never got any peaks)- instead we just had sex every second day. I de-stressed. We went on a small holiday to the beach where I did yoga and really relaxed. I really reduced my alcohol intake and I stopped my weekly spinning classes/running at the gym. I used to be quiet a sports maniac (3-5 times a week of intense training) and read somewhere that this could put my body under a lot of stress. I decided to try to be more positive. Whenever a bad thought regarding my fertility came to my mind, I pushed it aside and said my mantra: I am fertile and we will have a baby soon! I guess all of this together helped. It certainly helped Hubbie- he said I was a lot more bearable this way. Baby Dust to all of you! You can do it! Do not despair. Try to be positive. It even happens to us ''older girls''...... Lots of love and happy holidays!
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Congratulations!! How exciting!

Congratulations! What a lovely Christmas present

Wow what a beautiful story and congratulations. I'm 37 too and hubby and I have been ttc for over 6 months.You have given me hope to keep going and to stay positive!!! Merry Christmas x

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