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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I just posted last week in 'Am I Pregnant'!!!

Here's what I posted in 'Am I Pregnant?', last Wednesday 2/4/15.

"1-5 DPO nothing out of the ordinary.
6-7 DPO super hungry, super moody, super thirsty. Sharp, twingey cramps lasting for 5 min to 1 hour. Vivid dreams. Reallllllly bad gas.
8-10 DPO Super hungry (craving red meat, not interested in chocolate). Super thirsty, weepy. More cramps. Reallllly bad gas. Vivid dreams.
9DPO - POAS and BFN.
11DPO red meat, constipated, runny and stuffy nose. Getting a sore throat. And a little bit of blood in the nose mucus."

This was all about a week before 'normal' PMS time for me. Felt like PMS/AF but I was nowhere near my usual PMS time. Then when I normally would have had PMS (Thursday 2/5 - Saturday 2/7) I felt totally calm. No pain, no food cravings, no nothing. I was convinced I wasn't pregnant.

AF was due Saturday 2/7/15 and didn't show. I thought maybe I didn't get it b/c I've been so stressed about finding out whether I was pregnant or not. So Sunday morning I took a FRER with FMU fully expecting to see a BFN so that I could relax and AF would start. Lo and behold - I got a very faint but VERY positive result! Yay BFP!!!!! On Monday morning I took another FRER and got a BFP. So I went to the doctors office for confirmation and to find out what the next steps are. My 2:30 p.m. urine test at the doctor's office was NEGATIVE! But I stayed remarkably calm and the next morning took a Clear Blue Easy Digital with Weeks Estimator and got 'Pregnant 1-2'. So it's official! I am totally pregnant!

Baby dust to all who are TTC! Thanks for being so wonderful :)


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I  right now in same boat felt plenty symptoms last week to week half. AF due in 2 days I feel normal dont expect be pregnant but thanks for the hope appreciate

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