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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I still can't believe it!

So it's hard to say how many dpo anything occurred, because after 7 months of ttc, I gave up completely after a hysterical meltdown of epic proportions when AF arrives after month 7. Now of course I know that 7-8 months of ttc isn't terrible in the great scheme of things, but I am also a doula & childbirth educator-which made the process that much more difficult to deal with. Month after month I am supporting women as they give birth to their own babies, and teaching women all about the process of pregnancy and childbirth-while secretly yearning to start my own family.
It became stressful quite quickly, even despite my original promise to myself not to get "too crazy" about ttc.
So after 7 months, I gave up-defeated. I was doing everything right, healthy weight, healthy diet, exercise regularly, drinking herbal teas, I had even tried ovulation tests & preseed to no avail. My DH and I had been doing the baby dance 3-4times per week, every week, for 7 months...I was exhausted and it wasn't fun anymore. I admitted defeat and my supportive husband said "no no! Don't give up! We'll just try harder-we'll do it twice a day!"
"Darling, my sweet amazing husband-I have no interested in doing it twice a day-I'd prefer to take a break all together, take it easy."

So during month 8, we did it 3 times total. I didn't check my CM, I didn't check my cervical position. I couldn't, I was done-I was done caring. It was all too stressful and I needed a break.
Ever since we had started trying my cycle had gone kinda haywire anyways. I started going for acupuncture in month 6, and it had regulated it a little bit, but then month 7 was 6 days late and BFN! In fact, every time my cycle was late, once I took a pregnancy test and got a BFN, my period would come within 24hrs-almost as though it would convince my body "okay, you're not pregnant-get over it"
I continued acupuncture in month 8, but didn't put too much hope into it.

AF was due on 4/4. Never showed up. I didn't look into it too much, just figured it was late again.
Had typical AF symptoms, swollen breasts, light cramping...still waiting for AF to arrive.
By 4/8, my bloating, swelling and cramping were accompanied by very mild one sided lower back pain. I thought maybe I over exerted myself at yoga or something.
On 4/9, I decided to take the one remaining HPT I had in my cabinet-I wasn't even taking it hoping for a BFP-I took it so that at least when it said "not pregnant", I could go back to convincing my body that it was time for my period to come.
I took the test, brushed my teeth, did my hair, made some coffee-after 20min I came back to check the results-and to my absolute ASTONISHMENT it said "Pregnant"
Plain and day.
I didn't believe it.
I had a false positive once before and it broke my heart.
I went out that afternoon and bought 4 more tests.
I took all of them that evening (despite knowing my urine is most potent in the morning)
ALL 4 of them were positive!

So that's my story.
I still don't believe it
And I honestly don't feel very much so far-no nausea.
Some slight shooting pains in the breasts.
When I checked my cervix yesterday, it's still slightly firm in the center.

So all those symptoms I lost my mind over for the past 8 months, don't even apply to me (at least not just yet).

Lesson-don't give up....or actually-GIVE UP!
It's the best thing I did.
Total meltdown aside, I felt better after I let go of dissecting every tiny thing I thought I felt.

I wish each and every one of you the same good fortune I had, however long awaited it may be.

Baby dust to you all!

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Ur story has really touched home and given hope! Congrats and many Blessings!


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