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I would like some help. Struggling to get pregnant.. irregular periods.

So I'm 22.. Young fit and healthy (recently had some bloods done for all sorts of different things and everything seems fine)
I was on the depo for about 2 years. I stopped taking it last year and finally had a period in January. Anyway I've hardly had anything since. Just spotting etc. I went onto the mini pill in June. I stopped taking it at the beginning of July so it's hardly got into my system.. as we decided to try.
Anyway I had my first 'period' on the 21st of July.
On the 1st of September I was spotting. For the past few days I've just been on and off usually old blood. Hate to be so open haha.
I've bought some ovulation sticks I just would like some advice.. as far as I'm aware I'm young and healthy. What can I do to speed up the process? Or do I just keep having fun with it and hoping I catch on..
I even took a test today due to being ridiculously tired for the past 2 weeks and feeling sick on and off but it was a for sure negative.
I just know I'm ready!
Any advice would be amazing ☺️ I just want to be positive going forward as I'm irregular!


Hi Dear.. I'm 27 and i too hv irregular periods.

There were time wen its 180days apart.

i've been ttc for 2-3 yrs now. and now i'm under IVF Treatment and i'm on my 2ww now b4 my blood test on 19/10.  

What i can suggest is you go for further fertility check along with your partner. During the further check up we found out tat my hub sperm count is on the lower side.

My blood test , HSG Test,  n wats not were all normal. But during this IVF Cycle(B4 Embryo transfer) i realise my Embryo "quality/Grades" are not tat "good". I just hope this time i can get my BFP =)


Anyways.. keep ur heads up! its best to get check so we know if we needed any "help". Financially..not to worry too much as there is goverment fund and medisave for these kind of treatment =) Try not to stress urself too much. Hwaiting!



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