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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I'm WHAT???? (36 with Endometriosis, be damned!)

(after trying for 5+ years, almost a full year with fertility doctor, and endometriosis pain from hell just about every month) This was the one month I didn't chart all of my symptoms, because I was supposed to be doing IVF. While starting the IVF process of taking BCP to regulate, insurance decided to rescind their approval due to some policy changes. Frustrating to have to wait another month, to say the least, but once I got my period the IUI process began yet again. There were 3x injections daily for a while again. I had a few good follicles over 19 in size, but since it was so similar to the last IUI cycle, I was careful not to get my hopes up. Ovidrel, 1st IUI next day, 2nd IUI day after... old hat. My breasts were sore over a week before my period was due, but my PMS is ruthless so it didn't really stand out. I also got reflux and indigestion a bit but, again, this is not very unusual. Especially when it's cold outside (for some reason, it exacerbates my IBS). I guess when I noticed that my already large breasts felt kind of "in the way" and bigger, I should have suspected something. I don't know if the extra twinges I felt in my abdomen were a sign, or just more IBS stuff either. But today, I had my blood test. I got the call from my doctor's office at 2:42pm saying, "Congratulations! We're all so happy for you! And your numbers look really good. They're 182. We just need you to come back in on Friday for the repeat..." I had no clue what to say, and I was right in the middle of work. I just blurted out "I don't even know how to react right now. I'm probably going to sneak into the bathroom to cry" which was met with giggles. Those nurses knew how frustrating this all was. Sure enough, I did just that right before I called my husband. We're excited and nervous at the same time. Cross your fingers that my numbers jump up by Friday!!! (And to anyone reading this and thinking "will that ever be me?", I send positive vibes that 2016 is your year too. I sure as hell didn't think it was going to happen!)


I love this story! Congrats!! So awesome it happened!! Enjoy every moment! I love your ending to your post, thank you. I need a good pick me up. Sending you good vibes your way. Good luck!  

CONGRATS!!! So exciting!

Congratulations!  Fingers crossed for a Happy and Healthy 9 mos.

Congratulations! H&H 9 months! 

Thank you for all the well wishes, and right back at each of you! Today I had my repeat blood test, and I'm up to 667. Doing great, as per the nurse. My next appointment is Monday and, if I get up to 1,200 like she suspects I will, I will be scheduling my first sonogram! My husband says it still hasn't hit him, and I guess I'm kind of in the same boat, albeit tipped a bit :)

Hi ladies I just went IUI on Jan 5 and 6 after injectibles and ovidrel trigger. I am now 10 days IUI and really don't want to symptom spot. After a year of trying n getting hopes up only to find AF making her horrible presence. But on thing that I have  notice is starting 9 DPIUI I have AF cramps, AF not due til 1/21 still 5 days away. I also have this headache that hasn't gone away in 2 days. Has anyone had headaches? My breast started to feel slightly heaving n tingling today on 10 DPIUI. Any thoughts I go Wednesday for my Beta level n refuse to take any pregnancy test before then. Thank u ladies any congrats on all BFP

Woohooo those vibes are blasting and cant wait to hear when you schedule your 1st sonogram. yayy congratulations

I didn't get a chance to get back on here immediately, but my number went up to 1642 (this was Monday) and so the sonogram was scheduled for the very next day. Confirmed yolk sac in the right place and everything is looking good! My next sonogram is on Tuesday January 26th, and then I make my first official appointment with my OBGYN. We are so excited, and have just told our parents (and ONLY them so far) today. Still only get indigestion and sore breasts, with a bit of fatigue mixed in there. RE: Butterflies2016, I don't know your update yet but my advice is (I know everyone says it and it feels near impossible; please trust that I REALLY understand this) relax and don't expect anything. Wait and see. I think one of the reasons the IUI worked this time is because I was resigned to it being an "extra" try before we moved on to IVF. I didn't obsess as much, and look what happened.

After trying to conceive for a long husband and I decided to humbly asked professional help. yes, ended, it found out I have cyst and endometriosis. After all the tests and ultrasounds done and medical evaluation, we are on IUI treatment on normal cycle. Hight Hopes and prayers that it will go well. crampings still here on me after IUI. Good luck to all on TTC. Thanks for taking time to read. Let's hope and pray, God knows it all :)

Last week, we saw the flicker of the heart beat in the sonogram. Something smaller than a grain of rice has a heart inside of me? Wow. The technician said "sometimes, I can get it to work", focused on the flicker, and my husband and I heard the thumping! It was amazing! The "pole", as it's called in these early stages apparently, measured at 6 weeks from crown to rump on Tuesday. I thought that was it at the fertility office, but I have one more on Wednesday. I've done some research and found out the baby DOUBLES in size and begins to have paddle-like arms by 7 weeks. It's so nuts to me! Forgive the nerd analogy, but I feel like Doctor Who. I have two hearts and a companion that thinks it's "bigger on the inside"! ;)

Thank you for this post! I have my first IUI with endometriosis in a few days and was starting to feel like there was no point because of the low success rates. At least now I have *some* hope :) h&h9 to you!

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