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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

In Shock! BFP @ 10DPO

I apologize in advance, this is going to be a long post. All of these BFP stories have gotten me through many TWWs so I had to pay it back! DH and I have one DS (11y/o) and have been TTC #2 for 15 months. We got a BFP in June 2017 which ended in miscarriage at 7w5d. We took a couple months off to recoup and started TTC again in October. My cycles are pretty regular 30-32 days with ovulation on CD 16/17. I use the Ovia App and CM to track ovulation, and this is the second month that I have also been tracking my BBT. I have been taking prenatal vitamins throughout the whole TTC journey, and started a regular workout schedule about 3 months ago (I am average weight but I wasn't very healthy/active).

DH and I did the BD every other day from CD 10 - CD 20 to make sure we covered every possible fertile day. Also, I ate pineapple core everyday from O Day to today (10DPO). Iv'e read online that eating pineapple core helps with implantation and I figured it couldn't hurt to try, maybe it helped! This TWW has not been much different from all the others but here are my symptoms by DPO:

CD 17- O Day - BD
- Tingling sensation in bbs

- No symptoms

- White/creamy/stretchy CM
- Gassy

- Watery CM
- Tired at work
- Sore bbs at the gym during workout

- Watery CM
- Twinges in abdominal area when standing up too fast
- Strange warm feeling in my stomach (IDK how else to explain it, it just felt warm)

- Creamy/wet CM, constant wet feeling
- Random twinges of pain in bbs throughout the day
- Pain on right side of lower abdomen
- Weird warm feeling in stomach again
- Dizzy/lightheaded in PM, lasted a few minutes

- White/creamy/thicker CM
- Stuffy nose/Cold symptoms when waking but gone before I got to work
- Dull ache in lower abdomen
- Dizzy/lightheaded in PM again

- Creamy/white CM
- nipple soreness

- CM disappeared
- Nipple soreness
- Gassy

- Still no CM, started feeling out this month
- Dizzy/lightheaded during PM workout

- Creamy/stretchy/yellowish/snot-like CM (gross sorry!)
- Woke up and felt dizzy/lightheaded when trying to get out of bed. (Being dizzy/lightheaded is not normal for me)
- Remembered I had a 2 pack of FRER tests that I was saving for a time when AF was finally late! I normally don't test early because I HATE seeing BFN's, but the dizzy spells were really making me wonder so I took the test even though I knew it was too early. I was brushing my teeth and barely glanced at the test because I just knew it was going to be a BFN, but it was positive! It was a faint positive, but definitely positive, not even a squinter! Two Lines!! BFP @ 10DPO w/FMU on a FRER!

I am still in total shock, it just doesn't feel real yet. I am going to tell DH when he gets home from work today. It is still very early but I am so happy! Fingers crossed for a sticky bean!! Good luck and baby dust to you all!


Thank you so much for sharing. HH9!!!

I am glad to hear that you have a son already. Am also sorry for the miscarriage. I hope you want to a clinic to get more information regarding it. This is to prevent anything in the future to happen again. Now taht you are back to trying for #2. I do hope that it works for you. Since it was a BFP. May the pregnancy not be such a hustle. Believe that things will just work. I never even knew about the pineapple core. It is new to me. But I don't think if it will be bad to try it out. Because I am also in my two weeks wait and am feeling anxious. It seems like it will not work out for me. Since I have been having some fertility issues before. But Bio tex clinic did help me a lot and do hope that the results will be positive.

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