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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

It's Really True!

I had looked over this site for months and tracked every symptom in the book. Feeling at multiple
times that "This has got to be the month," only to be disappointed over and over. This month I
didn't really keep track of my ovulation date, or pay as much attention to my symptoms. There
really weren't as many as prior months.'s what I got:

1 DPO- Cervical Position: High, CP: Creamy White
2 DPO-Sharp twinges on right lower side, cramping (period-like), CM: Watery
6 DPO-Felt Nauseous when standing
7 DPO-Super exhausted all day (like I was on medicine), CM: Creamy
8 DPO-Tired and very hungry today (which is normal before AF)
10 DPO-Super exhausted again
11 DPO-Boobs started getting sore (normal before AF)
12 DPO-Very sore boobs & they feel fuller also
13-14 DPO-This was my first clue I could be pregnant...I was hungry and when I would go in the
kitchen to look for food, NOTHING looked or sounded good, and that was exactly how it was
when I was pregnant with my son.
15 DPO-POSITIVE test in Mid-Morning! 

This will be #3 for us! We are excited, yet overwhelmed as it has been 6 years since having a little
one again.

Keep your heads up happens when you LEAST expect it, and try to enjoy your DH and
make the most of "TRYING"... 

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