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IUI 2 Week Wait - no symtoms

Hey all, I am 36 years old and have never been pregnant. I had an issue with my cervix being too tight and I think that is why I am unable to conceive. On July 18th (Monday) I went in for my first IUI. 2.8 million sperm. The next day, Tuesday - I had spotting all day basically, and some periotic pinching feelings in my lower abdomen. I just quit smoking on the 18th and hope that doesn't effect anything. I have read that people are getting symptoms on day one or 2 and I don't have any of that. No gas, no nipple issues, just a feeling of being full actually. not the dreaded 2 week wait. has anyone else not experienced any symptoms and had the IUI work. I just pray that this works, as I'm sure we all do. Has anyone had spotting a day after their iui. Wish me luck ladies. Glad to have this support group :)


Hello there,  I had my first IUI on Sunday, July 17th. I am not having any symptoms either- I am just bloated and have also had the feeling of being full. If people are having symptoms 1-2 days after their IUI it is probably because of the fertility medication they took and NOT because they are pregnant. It take 6-12 days after ovulation (and after IUI) for the egg to implant and you won't have symptoms until after the egg implants (usually around the time you get a positive pregnancy test).  I will find out on the 31st if my IUI worked. Fingers crossed for both of us!

Good Luck & keep us posted. I am due for blood work on monday but it's a holiday and i'm out of province. So i'll have to wait till Aug 3rd to get in. I"m going to take a home test tomorrow and then one on the 1st. Been taking one a day for the past 3 days and BFN. but i know it's too early to tell. I just do it for something to do. I am getting little pains in my overies i think on and off and little bit of dizzyness but that's really it. Hope this works.

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