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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I've been stalking this board for FOUR YEARS!! There IS hope ladies!!!

Of course I'm cautiously optimistic - this is my first pregnancy but I'm a symptom stalker from WAYYY back. I actually tracked my symptoms so I could tell myself they were all PMS and not get my hopes up. I'm only 13DPO but I did notice a few things were different this time around. A little backstory - I'm 33 years old, DH is 34 both healthy weight, non-smokers. I had an HSG, hysteroscopy and lap two months ago to remove mild endometriosis (stage II) and was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis so have been taking Levothyroxine for the past few months as well. After four years of trying naturally, we finally went ahead and pulled the trigger on the first round of IUI using 5MG of Femara CD3-CD8. DH's count was through the roof (235 million) and I used OPKs to time insemination on CD15. Honestly, it was the LEAST romantic thing I've ever experienced. I felt like a show horse being inseminated but we were still very hopeful. Until.... the same day of our IUI, I found out one of my best friends became pregnant naturally after three years of trying. I was devastated and spent two days crying about it (I know, I felt like a huge jerk but I'm sure you can understand). I was convinced it was never going to happen for us. Later, I experienced some serious anxiety/depression the week after the IUI. I'm not sure if they're TTC or hormone related, but it was very much out of character for me. I did a lot of positive thinking and meditation during my follicular phase this cycle - visualized myself producing healthy eggs and even created a "Pregnancy Visualization" board on Pinterest. It helped me obsess about it in a positive way and kept me somewhat distracted. Anyway, here were the symptoms for me: 1DPO - Emotional, tender breasts, light ovulation type cramps, very stressed 2DPO - SO BLOATED! Also had some odd leg cramps which I never have - not sure if this is a sign (so early) but made me go "hmmmm?" 3DPO - 10DPO breasts still tender the whole time with red sensitive nippes, mild occasional heartburn, leg cramps on and off. Very thirsty. Had a big temp dip to coverline at 10DPO so I thought I was out for sure. 11DPO - temp back up - along with my hopes of course. Heartburn/indigestion, sore boobs, weird AFish cramps, could also feel my ovaries practically throbbing. Emotional, hungry at odd times, stuffy/runny nose, headache. Had creamy brownish discharge in the AM, thought this was AF getting ready to show. BFN on Clear Blue Digital. Boy, somehow the "Not Pregnant" hurts worse than a lack of a pink line. I'm pretty sure we're out now. 12DPO - Temps took a HUGE dive below coverline as expected (I have a 12 day LP). I was devastated. Told DH I think we're out this month. Cried and cried all morning. Even he cried. We were a mess. Noticed my boobs still hurt (which they usually stop when my temps go down before AF). Yawning all day, still kinda gurpy. Also, noticed veins on chest/breasts were becoming a bit more noticeable but was still convinced I was imagining things. Had more creamy brown discharge (the brown isn't unusual, the creaminess of it was). It is like creamy CM plus brown discharge. I keep telling myself I'm not pregnant and to move on, thought about finishing off a bottle of wine last night but something made me wait. I don't know what it was - hope springs eternal I guess. I told myself if my temps were back up in the morning I'd POAS but was fully prepared to see the Red Witch. 13DPO - woke up this morning and temped as usual - IT WAS BACK UP! Huzzah! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to check my panties - NOTHING! Could it be?? Was I wrong?? I snuck my last pregnancy test out of the drawer and locked myself in the bathroom down the hall. Peed on the stick and then sat there and watched it for what seemed like an eternity. Much to my surprise after a few minutes "Pregnant 1-2" popped up in the screen. I'm still reeling. I went back to bed and handed DH the test. We're so excited but also realistic about the odds of a CP or MC but we couldn't stop smiling all morning. As we were laying in bed, we heard a Tom Turkey gobbling out in the back yard. DH jumped out of bed, stuck his head out the door, and yelled "GOBBLE GOBBLE I'M GONNA BE A DADDY!" It was pretty sweet. Oh man. Anyway, I can't tell you how helpful these stories were for me and I really though I'd never be one of them, so I wanted to come back and contribute. Girls, keep your chin up and don't lose hope.


Thats was a beautiful story, congrats and have a healthy 9 months. 

I'm so happy for you.  congratulations!!! wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.  Christmas baby? =)  


Such an AWESOME story! Thank you for sharing. I actually teared up for you. I love happy ttc stories. Congratulations to you and your dh. I hope this lil bean is a sticky bean. Wishing you a smooth healthy and happy 9 months. PS. I have been trying for baby #1 for over 5 years now. I am almost 43. Your story gives me hope.

Thank you for the congrats and well wishes - besides my doc and DH, nobody except the TWW knows! It feels good to be able to "shout it from the rooftops"! Beta today at the hospital confirmed, going back Friday to make sure it's doubling :) YES! Christmas baby! Projected Due Date is 12/24 and my birthday is 12/27. I'll take it any day of the year though! Anon - your comment made me sniffle. I know how much of a help this board was for me and it pleases me to no end that I could pay it forward to someone else. Your day is coming - keep being positive and thank you for the kind words.

What an amazing story! Fingers crossed for a happy & healthy 9 months!!!

What a great story! Congrats!!

I needed to read this! Thanks for giving me hope. I can't believe I'm crying of happiness ! Congratulations ! Thanks so much for sharing

Oh my word I think I teared up a bit what a GREAT story I am THRILLED for you!!! I am a stalker here as well and girl I wish you the very VERY best of luck!!!!!

your story is awesome!  Happy and healthy 9 months!

This made me emotional too!  Such a great story. Happy for you xxx 

Thanks for sharing! so great!!

Thank you for sharing! I am 10 days post IUI and your story gives me some hope. This wait is really getting to me. Best of luck to you and a very very healthy baby!

This is a great story. Hope ill be posting soon

wow it made me sweat of your story. Very inspiring. Love the gobble at the end for celebration lol. Congratulations to both!

I hope mine is a success also im here telling my self its not gonna work im on day 7 after iui im doing everything not to think about it its torture lol but i hope my story is a success as is yours

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