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IVF BFP and 4 Natural BFP Afterwards

At 23 years, young and happily married for a year we started TTC... after a year we acknowledged the fact that we needed help! It wasn't easy since I was young and they wouldn't listen to us, but I was soooo sure that something was terribly wrong. After 6 months of visiting different doctors we were told I had a severe endometriosis but since I was young I should still try to conceive naturally. 4 months later the pain was so big I had a 4 hour lap!!!! I had terrible damage inside every imaginable reproductive organ and everything around them! We were immediately started on stims.
We had 3 stim rounds - BFN in each of them
then I got cysts so I had to wait again!
We had then 3 rounds IUI - BFNs again
After a 6 month wait we finally decided to try IVF. I was 26 and my DH 30. We finally got our BFP!!!!!!!
I delivered a healthy 39 week boy who is 9 now.
When he was 10 months and I was breastfeeding only once a day we learnt we were pregnant again! 2 BFP and naturally! Best surprise ever
11 months later I was pregnant again but had a miscarriage. 1 month after the m/c I got pregnant again naturally! My 3rd boy is now nearly 6
2 years 4 months later we tried for a girl, and then she came, the first month we tried we got a BFP. She is 3 and half.
I was breastfeeding 6 times a day and she was 6 when we learned I was pregnant for the 5th time! Me 5th girl is 27 months now and we have a huge huge family.
I was recently diagnosed, at 35, with DOR do to my severe endo. So, what I'm trying to tell you is that it's never too early and you're never too young to take care of fertility issues since our fertility spam is really SHORT and reproductive organs are so easily damaged. But I'm also willing to let you all know that its always possible, it may look terribly depressing (and it is)...BUT, you can have a BFP!!! Baby dust to you all struggling with endo!


Thank you very much for this inspiring story, me and mine have been trying for 2 years now, finally went and got checked found out in July of 2013 that I have endo, scheduled for Lapo in Feb 2014, so I hope it all works out,

It's so reassuring reading your story me an husband have been ttc for just 3 months now. My doctor has just put me on mefenamic acid for the pain I get with endometriosis but I've just read it can cause fertility problems :~( ! But there is nothing else that helps my pain just wanting a bit of advice please not sure what to do? Emma xx

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