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IVF Two Week Wait

I wanted to write this and share my experience since I read over and over again these blogs and it really helped. This is my first ever blog and I promised myself if I got a positive result that I would post my story in hope that it may give others some comfort

I am almost 41, five rounds of IUI and just finished an IVF cycle - my first. So I only had 7 eggs collected which made me very nervous as my friends had between 15-25. I ended up with 1 grade one egg and two grade twos and the remainder also fertilised but at a lower grade. So three embryos were transferred back.

The two week wait well..... the pegesterone made me constantly bloated and had random stabbing pains. On day 9 after transfer I couldn't wait and did a home pregnancy test which was negative and clear blue brand. I thought that was it as only 3 more days until the blood test. Needless to say this afternoon when the doctor called me to say I am pregnant with a beta of 200 I was in disbelief. I had period pains the dull kind of a ache constantly for the past three days and I was convinced that was about to start my period.

I still have the same aches and pains now as I lie in bed and I just hope that the next two weeks before the first scan that the baby continues to grow as I know this is supposed to be the most unstable time for development. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that anyone who is out there who took a pregnancy test and it was negative and is suffering period pains there is still a lot of hope.

Let's hope that the next milestone is met and then take it step by step. Good luck everyone and don't loose hope. Xxx

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Has anyone had abdominal cramps and breast tenderness all the way up to you get your last blood test..or beta?is it a good thing?..I test Friday to find out if I'm pregnant.


Congratulations. I will do my first IVF in September!! :)

I am one week into the symptoms at all, a migraine I am cramping, a bit of cramping after the FET. This is my 1st IVF - we had 18 eggs, 15 mature, only 4 made it to day 3, they were all frozen due to my OHSS and only ONE survived the thaw (6 cell, grade 2 embryo).....was devastated we lost so many...we are doing IVF for male issues. My day 3 results were all excellent, am 38 in 4 months and the quality of my eggs is not as good as I hoped it seems....I have already booked 4 appointments with 4 new clinics for the week of the beta...

Congratulations. I m on my second IVF attempt. We did FET last Friday. Now 9dpet but no sore boobs, feel lower back pain a lot and get blotted or noseaous sort of feeling now and again and cramp or twitching like feelings. On the night of transfer I had sharp thumping like pain in lower abdomen almost till morning then stopped. My blood test is on Monday and I so wish for BFP. FINGERS CROSSED

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