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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Just WOW

Hi ladies. I wanted to share my story with you because all of your stories have kept me on my two feet during my tww.

I am 20 years old and recently got married to my husband who is 22. We have been engaged for years and we planned that as soon as we get married we will have a baby.
I used to take levlen as birth control and i stopped taking the pill a month ago. I honestly thought it will take us longer than 1 month to conceive. I was wrong!! I literally just got my BFP and I am so grateful that it happened so quickly. I used the ovuplan opk strips and i swear by them! They are amazing. The only thing is that the opk strips were positive for 7 days straight for me and that made me lose hope. I thought my body wasnt ready to ovulate yet. It was very tiring to bd for seven days straight but it was definitely worth it!

Before i tell you my symptoms let me start off by telling you the symptoms i DIDNT have. If you dont have these symptoms in your tww it does NOT mean you are not pregnant. Dont lose hope!
No cm at all during this tww!!!
No backache
No breast pain
No Nausea
No implantation bleeding
No hearburn
No cravings
No increased appetite
No cloudy urine
No metalic taste in my mouth
No increased sense of smell
No dizziness

Below are my symptoms by dpo

Drinking alot peeing alot

Starvation out of no where
Drinking alot peeing alot


Burning sensation in right armpit

Louuud stomach growling
Pee lighter colour (even when dehydrated)

Wet feeling but no cm
Dreamt that i was preggo
Mild cramping below belly button
Loud stomach growling

Pee getting darker
Dreamt of a bfp
Mild stabbing pains in uterus that lasted seconds (implantation??)
Cramps in my lower abdomen
Loud stomach growling

Decreased appetite
Took a pregnancy test BFN :(
Sweat started smelling really bad and the only time it smells is when af comes

Absolutely NO symptoms
Fell asleep while reading these stories and dreamt of a bfp!

10 dpo-
Exausted, cant keep eyes open

11dpo- (today)
Extremely tired
Mild cramping
Emotional (maybe because i just found out that im pregnant)
Tested and BFP!!!

I am sending you all baby dust and hope that one day you will all have a beautiful baby :)


Congratulations!! Thank you for being specific with your symptoms. I hope I get my BFP soon also.

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