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Light BFP

I've been reading this site every month for the past 6 months after accidently stumbling upon it - and wow - it's been so neat/great to read everyone's stories on here and very uplifting! I told myself that if I get my bfp I'll be putting my story on here too and that hopefully it'll help someone! Sorry if it's kind of long..... I'm 30yrs & DH is 32yrs I've been taking Vitex, Maca Root, Royal Jelly, and prenatal since February 2013. DH takes Zinc, L-Arginine along with multi-vitamin since March 2013. We started "sort of trying" back in December 2012 and that month a few days after I missed my period I got 2 days of (what I would call) faint positives on cheap blue dye HPT's. The lines were super skinny and not your normal type of lines. I didn't know much about HPT's at the time and considered that a positive. I had blood work done and it came back negative. I started my "period" a few days later. Now I know why blue dye tests are called "evil". I was pretty crushed though afterwards since I had been thinking I was pregnant. Fast forward a couple of months.... In January we started using the Clear Blue Digital Ovulation tests in conjunction with cheap Wondfo Ovulation tests and continued to use those every single month. I have never gotten a positive reading on a wondfo to this day for ovulation but almost every month have received my smiley faces on the digital. My husband doesn't have the worlds greatest sex drive so timing was important to us. January we did the deed the day of my smiley face and the day after and that month ended in BFN. February we started using pre-seed along with the ovulation tests and was only able to do the deed the day of smiley face, and that month ended in a BFN March we did the deed twice during what I thought would be my fertile time, but I never received a smiley face on my ovulation test. I stopped testing too soon I think on CD19 b/c that month I got my period a week later than normal which means I probably ovulated later. After that month I vowed to keep testing for ovulation no matter how far in my cycle I got so that I wouldn't miss it. I also was getting stressed out about not becoming pregnant and scheduled a visit with my OB to talk to her. She put my mind at ease and also told me that it takes perfectly normal couples a year to conceive. She told me to stop stressing over nothing - and hearing that from her made me feel better actually LOL April we only did the deed two days before smiley face and the day of, and that month again ended in BFN. In May I got my smiley face a few days earlier than expected at CD 13 (Tuesday) and did the deed that night. We skipped the next day and then did the deed one last time on that Thursday. For the first time, I made sure I O'd after DH did on that Tuesday. Here were my symptoms: 1-4 DPO - Nothing 5 DPO - Very sore boobs, mild cramping off and on 6-7DPO- Very crabby and moody (not normal, I'm usually always happy), mild off and on cramping, very sore boobs 8DPO - Sore boobs, light cramping, and a terrible side ache on my right side. Laid down early that night b/c I was uncomfortable BFN 9-10DPO Sore boobs remained and everything else went away it seemed. Had loose bowels all day on 10 DPO BFN 11 DPO - Sore boobs, crabby, mild cramping returns with bloated feeling. Feels like my period is going to come at any minute. Faint BFF! 12 DPO- All of the same as 11 DPO but now I'm more hungry and tired Faint BFP 12-15DPO - Boobs are less sore. still off and on mild cramping and bloat. Feels like at times my period is about to show but then the feeling goes away after a few mins. SUPER tired - was at work falling asleep at 4pm and had to really force myself to stay awake till 8:30pm. Faint BFP I called my Dr today to schedule my appointment and she will see me at the end of the month. I told her about my faint positives not really getting any darker, and she stated that since my period was supposed to have only been here yesterday that she would expect faint lines for about a week yet. That made me feel better, but I still pray to God that they get darker and my little baby sticks with me!


COngratulations! Thanks for all the details. I have a 3.5 year old daughter and have been trying for baby #2 for over a year. I have been using cheapo ovulation test strips every month. My little sis just got pregnant with her first and gave me the rest of her expensive ClearBlue ovulation tests. I've been taking them in conjunction with the cheapos. I got a smiley face on the Clearblue this morning, then just the plain circle this evening. But on the cheapos, the result line is still just a little bit lighter than the test line. Wondering if I have been missing my window by a hair. Hope you have a wonderful 9 months. I'm glad it finally happened for you. Hope to join the prego club soon ;)

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