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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Lots of Preg Symptoms Immediately Following IUI, But They Disappeared By End of 2ww -- Despite This, BFP!!

Today we received the amazing result from my fertility doctor that I am pregnant!! This was our first try with IUI and we were shocked that it worked! We did Follistim, the trigger shot of Ovidrel and an IUI, followed by progesterone (Prometrium). While I can't remember my symptoms from each individual day post-IUI, I wanted to share the progression of my symptoms over the course of the 2WW because I think it might be comforting to others. About 2-3 days post-IUI, I felt constantly EXTREMELY gassy, embarrassingly so. Total exhaustion kicked in around 4-5 days post-IUI and I kept going around telling everyone "I'm just so tired and I don't know why" (honestly, I just never expected the IUI to work on the first try, esp. because we were on a very low (37.5 mL) dosage of Follistim). Then around 8-9 days post-IUI, I became RAVENOUSLY hungry. I craved salty foods and literally went through an entire family-size bag of tortilla chips one afternoon. So at this point, I was thinking...maybe I am pregnant! But as soon as I started to think that, around 10-11 days post-IUI, my pregnancy symptoms suddenly vanished. I was no longer gassy, tired or ravenous. My body felt back to its normal state and it was like the whole thing had been a dream. By 12-13 days post-IUI, I was convinced that I wasn't pregnant and that all those previous symptoms had just been a reaction to the fertility drugs. BUT at 14 days post-IUI, I couldn't handle it anymore so I took an HPT (Clearblue, which I like because it gives a definite answer), which TO MY SHOCK came out Positive! Later that day I went in for my beta blood test at the fertility clinic and lo and behold, the HPT was correct -- I was (am!) pregnant!! My HCG levels look good for 14 days post-IUI -- they are at 382 so I'm praying that this sticks. What a whirlwind!! But so worth the wait!! Anyway, the point of my story is that while you might not feel pregnancy symptoms towards the end of the 2ww, you very well could still be pregnant. Hope this helps. Good luck to all!!



Wow!! Congratulations! I've been waiting to hear a story like yours. I just did my first round of Clomid/ovidrel/iui and this TWW is DRAGGING! I was wondering, do you know how many and what size follies you had before trigger? And how long after trigger did you do iui? We are in the dreaded 'unexplained' category and I'm really hoping we just needed an extra little push. Although my RE says we have about a 12% chance. Not that awesome. But you did it, so yay!! Congrats again and thanks for sharing.


Original poster here. Thanks for your congrats. I think the biggest follicle was about 18, and I had one on the other side that was 15. We were also in the "unexplained" category and we were told that we only had about a 15% chance. Good luck to you!!!

I am so greatful to hear this. Im trying to be hopeful for the first IUI. I went yesterday for my first IUI. We where told we had a 12% chance. I believe my biggest follicle was 14. Monday I took the HCG shot and Wednesday was our First IUI. Whats weird is I am having sorness in my nipples and its scaring me because I want to be positive but nervous at the same time. Today Im having a lot of gas. We will see. This TWW will be so nerve wrecking. Anyway Congrads to you and thanks for your story.. Gives me hope for a BFP!

Hey there, original commenter here! Just wanted to update that I am pregnant! I have had two betas so far and I am doubling at a good rate! (33 hrs) I am still cautiously excited and very much looking forward to my first ultrasound in 13 days. First time iui success can happen! I hope you are progressing well! :)


Your posts just gave me a lot of comfort. First month clomid and ovidrel. In 2 ww and feel like my preg symptoms are getting less and less. If this does not work, I will do IUI next month. Congrats on your bfp!! I feel xtra hopeful now.

I had my IUI 12 days ago and had all the symptoms - cramps, sore bbs, cravings, aversion to smells, etc - until yesterday (day 11). They all vanished! Yesterday and today, I feel totally normal. I was 100% convinced that the way I was feeling was just a reaction to the clomid, but your post has given me hope! I find out Thursday.

Thank you, again! Best of luck to you and your little one!

This was a really helpful post. I too felt the immediate symptoms after our IUI with sore breasts, heaviness in the pelvis, and fatigue. I didn't feel anything at all yesterday (8 dpo). I thought it was all over. Today, I've got the sore breasts again a little. I was wondering if anyone else had symptoms that disappeared and was still pregnant. Thanks for the hope.

I also had similar symptons and ur post has really helped me a lot.

Thanks a lot for sharing experience its going to be helpful as I m going thru same phase lets c...fingers crossed

am really happy to heard your story . am 12 days post Iui I had the same similar symptoms like you am waiting for my result. now am really much hoped after reading your story . thanks to Share with US . congratulations to you dear . . .

wowwww, congratulations ... Your post has helped me, I am 3 days after my first IUI, now 2ww killer :) I have same symptoms: sorness in nipples and extremely gassy .. but Iam 3 days after IUI only :( .. I am so nervous but you give me a hope, thanks :)

hi, this is the problem I having right now. I have a 7 year old son, had no problem falling pregnant with him, I have been trying for 4 years to have another bubba but without success. Wasn't ovulating, one blocked tube. Had our IUI done on the 18th of April 13 with clomid and hcg trigger shot (for backup). I had all the symptoms for the 1st week that made me hopeful that I it worked, but today I don't feel much at all. Headaches come and go, queeziness on occasion, feel like someone is pulling on my pelvic area. This is causing a lot of tension in our home at the moment....... had a hpt this morning and it was negative, blood test on Friday...... Thank you for sharing this story, good to read there are people out there that have been through the same thing and come out positive.

Hey ladies, this is my first post on a feed like this. My story is we've been trying 3 years with zero success. I'm now 30 and my hubby is 36. Went for IVF with suprefact and Gonal F 150 units. I only made 4 follicles of appropriate size so IVF was cancelled... And we followed with a trigger and IUI instead. Taking the progesterone sapositories. Day 7 post IUI. agreeing with all of you that my symptoms have subsided :( very discouraging. My boobs are still a little sore but the gas, cramping, and optimism have left the building... Today I had my first urge to take a HPT but I know it's way too early. Just so anxious and nervous that I am literally nauseous. Thankful I have read these posts :)

Day 7 post IUI. You'll have to tell me if you find a way to make the time pass more quickly...please :)
I still have some symptoms. My nipples are killing me and bother and my belly is bloated but much less than few days ago..

It is really frustrating, especially waiting those two weeks..

Good luck for all of you ..

I just had my first IUI after waiting 3+ years to start a cycle of IVF or IUI. There was always an issue with a cyst. I started on the lupron protocol which included 20u of Lupron 75u menopur and 125 of Gonal F twice a day.

I took my Ovirdel trigger on CD12, and had my IUI yesterday morning at 9:30 AM. Im being very positive and looking forward to the journey.
After my trigger up until yesterday (day of IUI) afternoon I have has really strong cramping in my ovaries, that finally went away.

1dpiui - extremely tired, lower back hurting, no real desire to eat

I did my first IUI today. I had 4 huge follicles as my body responded too well to the lowest dose of clomid. My husbands sample after the wash was 101million with 90% motility. Great numbers and I am pleased. I'm pretty crampy due to my estrogen levels going through the roof. I was told today if we have no success that I cannot do clomid next cycle. This 2ww will be very challenging for me, but praying praying praying for a baby! (Ttc since July 2011, have an 11 yr old son)

Kelsey, 4 huge follicles and 101 million after the wash, you are lucky girl :) I wish I could have the same numbers but unfortunately I didn't .. Today is day 9 post IUI.. I feel much better, less symptoms .. but I don't know if it's good o bed sign.. :( Yesterday I cried a lot and I didn't know why ...

keep fingers crossed for me and for all of you ladies :)

Update... 12 days poiui. I made the mistake of taking a HPT day 10 and 11 both bfn.. Seriously discouraged now. My symptoms are still m.i.a other than my nipples are sore but that I'm sure is just the progesterone talking. I go for my beta blood test on the 9th and I'm trying really really hard to stay positive. Easier said than done. For those of you just starting on this road don't give in to taking the HPT. Just put your feet up and wait it out. I'll post again on what happens.

Good luck everyone!

Today is day 11 post IUI.. no symptoms at all .. I am going to wait, only 2 days more.. only 2 days more... I will post as well..

Good luck ladies !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all! Had my IUI 3days ago and have been having funny symtoms of sore nipples and little bit of cramps. Am thinking its a bit early but its a long wait and am getting agitated..its my first IUI but am very hopeful. But are the symptoms to early?

And also my doc says I hve 6 folicles, threee on either side. And hubby sperm count was 9mil after washing..I pray it works!

@katarzyna thanks for the encouragement. I'm obviously hoping for the best and trying not to think about it. I'm only 3dpiui, sore nipples since day 1, feeling emotional and my tummy feels odd. But my guess is its just hormones! My doc said it usually doesn't work the first time which was hard to hear, but it does happen and she seemed optimistic while I was in for the IUI. I'm curious for all the ladies ahead if me! This is such a hard road to walk especially as everyone around us seems to get pregnant just thinking about it. I am trusting that God has a bigger plan in all of this even though its challenging most of the time!

Hi everyone, I'm am also in the same boat, I am 12dp iui, I've had the gas and bloating, sore breasts and tiredness, now I don't have any symptoms at all, I'm starting to think the treatment didn't work and expecting the worst, and AF will just come along as normal. Thursday is when I can take a HPT. It's been such a long wait, and Thursday just seems years away, I'm tempted to test now but I'm so nervous it will be a BFN. Fingers and toes crossed for everyone.

Beta test in less than 12 hours.... Lying in bed trying to sleep.. I already know from the multiple hpt's that I took that's am expecting a big fat negative.. I took my last test at 14dpiui and my beta is 16dpiui. Saying one last prayer for a miracle.. I would love nothing more than to be able to celebrate a Mother's Day for the first time. Baby dust to all!!

I just went through my first cycle with Follistim+ HCG Trigger + IU... and it failed. I am not pregnant. Waiting for my period and hope to start soon my next cycle. The worst 2 ww in my life but I won't give up... not yet !!!!

Wish you all the best ...

BFP this morning. I couldn't believe my eyes. IUI does work. Good luck to everyone

Sian, congrats on your BFP! Katarzyna I am in the fail group as well :( got the call from my blood work yesterday and AF showed up today.

Wow! I found this post in a search at the right time. I had my first cycle of IUI on 4/28 and am 12dpo. This moth I did 22 days of gonal f injections and an ovidrel trigger. I go to the dr for pg test on Monday. I did one other cycle with minuscule amounts of clomid, gonal f injections and an ovidrel trigger and had every symptom in the book and I ended up having a chemical pregnancy. And was told we had to take two months off due to slight overstimulation ( which may have been why I had all the crazy symptoms). This month I'm not really having symptoms other than bloating and being tired. About 5 people at work have rubbed my tummy or pointed at it and told me congratulations. Really?! So frustrating! I was dying to know either way and did a Hpt two days ago. I think it was inconclusive-as the negative symbol was very faint. Thanks for your posts- it is very reassuring to know my lack of symptoms might not mean anything! I think im going to try to hold off taking another Hpt and just wait and see what the dr says....

Thankyou sitting waiting, I was trying for 3 years as well, I know exactly how you feel, every month AF comes along its just disappointment after disappointment. I wish you all the luck in the world. And hope you will get your BFP soon.

Sian congratulations on your pregnancy You're going to be a great mommy :) ! Congratulations !!!!!!!!

Sitting,waiting... I am so sorry I know how difficult is but don't give up and be positive.

Yesterday got back from my cycle day 3 ultrasound and the told me I have many big cysts on the right and left side and that they can't go forth with a second IUI until they are dissolved. They told me the cysts are from the medication used to stimulate the ovaries. I was so upset and I cried a lot. I couldn't sleep all night long. I am 37 and feel like every cycle I have to skip is just setting me one step back.

This is incredible frustrating to have to wait out a cycle or two.. but they told me still try to conceive naturally on this cycle while I am unable to use meds...

Fingers crossed for everyone...


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