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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Hello to all!!
This is my first post here on TWW. First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have kept me sane during these painful days of anxiety and doubt. All your stories are so beautiful in their own unique ways. My partner and I are TTC. This is our second cycle trying. This is the first time using known donor. I am 25, donor 27, and currently 9dpo. I have had some major signs of pregnancy for these last few days. Of course, I couldn't wait the full two weeks so I decided to break down and buy a FRER test. These were my results. My wife thinks I'm crazy and I need to wait. She might be correct but I know the rest of you can relate to my temporary insanity during these looonng days of waiting. Baby dust and blessings to you all on your journey.
PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE tell me I'm not going insane and that you see this very faint line? I listed my symptoms below too:

Pos OPK @ 11am on 6/9 - Thursday
AI @ home @ 9:00pm
Cramps on left side
AI @ home @4:30 pm on 6/10-Friday
Groin pain and twinges
Cramps on right and left
Notice on Clue that I ovulate on 6/11-Saturday
Break out on chin
SOOOO irritated with Sarah (DW)
Gassy on 6/12-Sunday- 1DPO
Still annoyed with DW
Bloating in the evening
Gassy on 6/13-Monday- 2DPO
Bloating in the morning
Extremely emotional (Orlando Shooting just happened Sunday)
Borderline feverish but did get wet in cold on Sunday evening
Sore but maybe from waterslide (I know...silly/careless of me)
Twinges in groin and lower abdomen
Pulls and twinges behind belly button.
Mando (our dog) attached to me. Sits at my side.
Food made me nauseous.
Really tired on 6/14- Tuesday- 3DPO
Peeing every 20 minutes (not exaggerated )
ADDICTED To spicy food this week
Bloating and gassy
Mando being affectionate again
Pulls and twinges behind belly button again
Almost period cramp feelings right before bed
Very "arroused" on 6/15-Wednesday- 4DPO
Hungry all day
Worked late, got home, went to bed@ 8pm, woke up at 11pm and fell back asleep til 5:40am
Noticed my skin getting dry- 6/16-Thursday-5DPO
Cramps again on right side of lower abdomen
Cramps continued on and off again all day
Still fatigued
Sneezing all day-6/17-Friday-6DPO
Cramps subsiding
Had an itch to deep clean the house-6/18-Saturday 7DPO
Succeeded and had a rather large breakfast
When Sarah got home, had a WHOLE pizza to myself. INSANE!
Relaxed rest of the day and stayed up til 1am
Woke up starving-6/19-Sunday-8DPO
Ate everything in sight and started to feel constipated mid afternoon.
Took a FRER pregnancy test...slight line. (See pic)
Light activity in my lower abdomen
Woke up easily for work-6/20-Monday-9DPO
Feel slightly bloated
DYING to test again. Might just wait til tomorrow morning.
Thought of cute idea to tell DW....Starbucks drink with Mom-To-Be 2017 (She works for Sbux ;))
Getting SO anxious.
Feeling CM a lot more. My lower abdomen feels harder, strange.

If you have read this all the way through, you must be just as obsessed as me. Love you all! <3


Make sure it's progressing, as those are horrible about throwing false positives/evaps/whatever you want to call them. I got the disappointment of a lifetime this go round and now I'm just going to pay for bloodwork. Probably save money with the amount of tests I went through!

I may be biased, but I see a BFP there! I tested just this morning after a crazy week of symptoms (AF not due until tomorrow or the day after) and saw the faintest line as well! it is a FRER test and I saw the faint line after about 2 minutes but it was so faint I almost don't believe it! I am going to test again tomorrow and Thursday (assuming AF doesn't show!). I have been staring at a pic of my test ALL DAY LONG.  Yours looks like a BFP to me, but test again and make sure that line gets darker! Good luck and sticky baby dust! :) 

hi there! I just wanted to share my experience with you. I'm not sure if you're using the new curved handle test but if so make sure you are testing for progression lines every other day, I got a false positive two months ago and I was crushed... the test do look like a light bfp but when I went in for blood work my levels were negative. If this is your month I'm so happy for you I just want to make sure what happened to me doesn't happen to you! I was all ready to tell DH and then the labs crushed my dreams.

Hope all is good. Did you retest? I also had false bfp on frer. Like immediately it showed up on 2 of them, but not on any other brand. Unfortunately  the witch showed up before my blood test.   Best of luck. Keep my fingers crossed for you and me af due 25th :) 

Wondering if you retested?

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