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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Might Have Been the Low Dose Aspirin

Just like everyone else I am thrilled two have finally seen those two lines!

My husband and I decided to try to add a new addition to our family of three this March. Month after month we timed our BD'ing perfectly with no success. My periods concerned me because they were lighter than ever and only lasting two days. I decided I needed to work on increasing blood flow to my uterus to thicken my uterine lining . In all honestly I did very little different this cycle other than taking a low dose aspirin daily. I started the second day of my period. I did try to relax/de-stress more, eat a little better, and get a little more exercise, but nothing to drastic. I saw more fertile cervical fluid than all my previous cycles and had a better temperature shift after ovulation. In my gut I think the aspirin was the major role player in my BFP, but I'm sure the very small life style changes helped too.

Here are the few symptoms I recorded:

CD- 18 O Day (very typical O day for me)
2DPO- Tender Breasts
5DPO- woke up feeling warm, had a skin breakout
6DPO- woke up warm again, Felt more tired than normal
7DPO- Had some pelvic twinges
8DPO- Called my husband over a very minor issues about my ID and broke down crying and then started laughing about how hard I was crying and how ridiculous I was being. This is so out of character for me we both had a hunch after that.
9DPO- Cramps, Diarrhea
10DPO- Cramps, Irritable
11DPO- Fatigue, Irritable
12DPO- Cramps, Irritable, Frequent Urination
13DPO-Cramps, Irritable, Backache, Slightly Tender Breasts. Broke down and tested*BFP*! I have taken one test a day since then to confirm the line is getting Darker and so far so good. Most of the symptoms are gone and some come and go, so I hope all is going okay. 15DPO today!

Good luck to all of you reading this in your TWW! I hope you see your second line soon!

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"8DPO:" That had me laughing so hard....hahaha  Congrats!!!

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